Get past the first impression!

OK, I know we must have heard a lot of times that, first impression matters a lot. Yes, that’s true, your first meeting with someone, your perception in that moment has a way of being conclusive about the person without giving room for other views.

In as much as first impression matters though, we need to learn to give a second and third impression. Sometimes the first impression we have with some persons are actually not true. They just might be acting seemingly bad because of situations they had been in before meeting you. Sometimes too, they just might be acting good just to be in your good records, or acting calm because they aren’t free with you yet.

So, sometimes you hear a person say ‘when I met her, she was so gentle, I never knew she talked this much’, or ‘when I first met him, he was downright rude and arrogant, I didn’t even think he was this caring or nice’. Its still the same person, no doubt, but in a different time, environment and zone

Learn to think the best of people, well until you’re really sure that’s their attitude. We need to get past the first impression and just look out for who the other person is as a whole. Do not be quick to conclude or judge a person. Even you at times get perceived differently by another person and you know how it feels when you hear untrue things being said about you, by someone else, especially someone who isn’t even close to you. Its not his/her fault, its just the way you behaved.

I would conclude by also saying, in as much as a second and third impression is important, you have to do well to be your best at all times. Begin to work on yourself such that no matter what you’re going through, it doesn’t dictate your mood or attitude one bit.

I suggest you run a test today, ask friends and buddies what their first impression of you was and how they view you now. You would be shocked

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I love you and do have a blessed day ahead.

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I am a Nigerian lifestyle blogger. I am interested in creating content about relationships,faith,productivity, financial management and everything "planning".Basically, I can relate to the stress we face everyday and I am here to take the stress off you....#one secret; I love Ankara wears a lot. I hope to hear from you.

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