Premier League and more.

Good evening family, I trust that your day went well. Ok, so I already drafted my content for the friendship series, but i would be dropping that tomorrow since i want you to enjoy this one first. You can already tell what it’s about from the title. Yes, the Premier League returns tomorrow (17-06-2020) and while some are happy about it, some might just be like..well the picture below would explain more. (I didn’t mention any club).

However, tonight, I would thrill you with some gist and of course banter as we earnestly look to laugh at some scorelines.



But, before you laugh, Remember Chelsea will face Bayern Munich soon. The past 3 months has been a good one for Manchester city and Arsenal as both have remained unbeaten for the first time in a while now this year except for Arsenal who was lately beaten 3:2 by Brentford( Don’t mention Manchester United here who won 4:3 Over West Brom). However, it seems the Arsenal boss is set to entertain his former boss, Pep Guardiola in a bid to possibly ignite the hope of a top four finish considering the fact that they would also face Tottenham, Wolves, Liverpool, and Leicester City this season. A win against City will possibly bring Liverpool closer to ending the 30 years league draught; trust me majority of fans won’t like that( even Arsenal fans too).


Fans would have to decide between the Premier League restart and the Copa Italia finals which kicks off almost simultaneously. Would this be a ceremonial match or a new coronation ceremony? Your guess maybe as good as mine. Cristiano Ronaldo fondly called King of Juventus will seek to put the ball inside the goalpost this time while ensuring Mertens doesn’t do the same opposite ways. And may the Best win, we know the Best, to be honest!.

Did you enjoy the read, please comment in the section far below. Let me know what you think, would you want more banter from me? Do you have something to say or a club to support, tell me about it. Remember, if you don’t tell me, I would never know. Let the banter continue please. I would include the link to the post in the comment’s section, share, like, follow and subscribe so you can be updated when next I post…

Remain in God and stay blessed.

P.S: If you don’t find anything funny, just laugh on credit, it has a way of easing the stress of the day.

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16 thoughts on “Premier League and more.

  1. Niceee. Though I love Ronaldo, I hope Napoli win the Cops Italia for a change this year and as far as the EPL goes… Cityzens for life (or until the start misbehaving I don’t have time for heart break)

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