Finally Friends

Have you ever been in a situation whereby you meet someone, relate for a while or get acquainted and you say to yourself “I would like to be friends with this person”. The other person might be thinking the same, but sometimes, they might not. This doesn’t mean you can’t work your way to being friends with him/her.

But first, you have to check your intentions.
• Ensure that your aim isn’t to act as a predator, soaking all that the person has at his/her detriment.

• Ask yourself the values or qualities they hold dear that draws you to them. Why do you really want to be friends with that person? Would it be beneficial to two of you in the long run or just you?

• Be sure that you really want to be friends and that you would have their back too.

• Also, note that friendship isn’t by force. If at any point, it is clear to you that the other person just doesn’t want to be friends with you. Please leave it and do not stress…its not your loss.
Now, let’s delve into tips that would help you achieve your aim of being friends with that person.

• Build your personality: If “you” were to make friends with you, would you enjoy it? Would you be happy? Would you be proud of it? Be a person that knows what he wants and where he is headed. Self worth and confidence has a way of exuding positive energy and attracting the right vibes or people.

• Find out the things common to the two of you. Starting off with something that you both love would help you bond more and get closer. For instance, if we strike a conversation and it happens that we both love the same kind of movies, music or books, you already got my attention, because, I would feel at ease talking on and on. It doesn’t mean we’re friends, but you sure are at an edge of getting closer to me than someone with whom I can’t even strike a conversation and flow freely.

• Be open/welcoming
You don’t have to be loud or shouty but then be a cheerful, welcoming and free person. Someone that people can feel welcome with. It makes it easier to connect with people that way and make friends with ease. Be receptive to people around.

• Make findings about that person. What would he/she cherish or appreciate the most. In going all the way for people we like, we tend to do it from our own perspective and love language, sometimes the other person might appreciate your show of love but not seem as excited as you would have expected. The little things to you, might be what means so much to them. So make your research(its not that difficult, just from relating with them constantly, you would know) and find out the things that matter to them, with that you can stay guided.

• Earn his/her trust
You want to be friends with him/her? Do not rush things, relate with him/her on a normal level, let your actions show that you can be trusted. You might not know when it happens, but at some point, they begin to confide in you and call you friend too. Also, you need to know that if you want to be close to someone, you must learn to open up to that person.

• Give her/him a margin of error for when they aren’t in their best form. Even you aren’t perfect. Also, don’t have your hopes too high and you’d be fine. Do not expect to be loved up on, the way you are doing. Just steadily, love and before you know it you’d be friends.

• Always be yourself: Don’t switch modes just because you want to be liked by someone. If it works and you get to be friends, it would end up backfiring in your face, because you can never hide your true identity for long, the truth would always come out. This might be worse than if you had just stayed true in the first instance.

Friendship is a long journey dear, its a don’t rush challenge. Its more like a marathon, go slowly and steadily.

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I am a Nigerian lifestyle blogger. I am interested in creating content about relationships,faith,productivity, financial management and everything "planning".Basically, I can relate to the stress we face everyday and I am here to take the stress off you....#one secret; I love Ankara wears a lot. I hope to hear from you.

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