Football served hot

At the time this content was cooking, I was like “evenings are great for Football I must say”. The celebrations were currently ongoing, venue was ” Anfield”. Let’s kick off before I miss my flight I thought.. But somehow this content wasn’t completely cooked until now. Football this week has left me speechless (No wonder I couldn’t post). First, Arsenal stepped out of isolation, then Manchester United lifted a 7 year curse, next Chelsea played the Return of Robin hood.

• Hector Bellerin would finally begin to plant the first 3000 trees he promised a week ago after every Arsenal match win this season as they finally won their first match after the break. Yeah, at least Carbon emissions would be checked. Let’s hope it won’t end in tears.

• Meanwhile, it was all joy for Anthony Martial as he successfully gave United a win, icing it with a Hatrick (No penalties); this is the first since Van Persie’s in 2013(1,2,3,4…7), like he is currently the best in the world. When last did your team get a Hatrick goal?

• In addition, Ole Gunnar also set a record as the first Premier League Manager to make 5 substitutions in a match. Manchester United is setting records.

• Four years ago, Chelsea drew to enable Leicester cling the Premier league title for the first time in a while. Yesterday, History was Karma as they defeated 10man rivals, Manchester city courtesy of a penalty to hand Liverpool their first title in 30 years (earnestly hoping Liverpool returns the favour in few weeks when they clash). Though I’m not a supercomputer, I think Chelsea may also hand Tottenham the title after 4 years for the first time. (We can only wait and see).

• Lewandoski has been named Bundesliga’s best player of the season after his goal exploits. He will now look forward to adding to his tally in the champions league return against Chelsea let’s say 3 or 4 more.

• Congratulations Liverpool Football Club, Champions of England. It was worth the wait.

I know this is my first drop this week. Do let me know what you think, leave your comments, questions or banter. Also do well to like and subscribe and I would see you in my next post.

Remember, remain in God and stay blessed. Also, remember to live, laugh and love. If you don’t, the jokes would be on you dear.

Source: Bleachers football

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