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Hello fam! Its been a while I must say. The baby and I have been a little bit under the weather, but we are trying to get better, so forgive our absence.

The Premier league will soon be over and you must have wondered what’s my take on the whole exciting drama. I have had some people reach out to me to ask what has been my take, maybe out of mockery, maybe not…LOL. Seriously, fans have now become mathematicians doing serious permutations and predictions like the world is going to end in seconds: After every match it’s always, what if Manchester united beats Leicester, and Wolves beats Chelsea, What if they draw and Chelsea draws. Even the relegation battle is not left out. Today, I’ll analyse their efforts so far.

• Arsenal: While teams are fighting to stay out of the relegation zone or to qualify for European tournaments, This team doesn’t seem to know what’s going on. After beating Liverpool and Manchester city, we thought they had lit the fire, only to have the firewood stolen by Aston Villa. Their fans act calm and not bothered, Lol.

Source: Bleachers report football

No worries, they’ve accepted life and its offers, after all they will beat Chelsea 3:0 to win their favorite F.A Cup on August 1, thanks to the new iconic Chelsea ‘3’ shirt.

Source: Bleachers report football

• Chelsea : The Robinhood of the season, gifts Liverpool the title while Liverpool wants to run them out of the top 4 spot. I can’t imagine Chelsea travelling through Damascus, Jericho and Galilee on cold nights to play Thursday night football with their new signings. LOL. For the first time, their fans will support Manchester united to win Leicester on the final fixture.

• Manchester United: They have been the most consistent side after the break, unbeaten in about 13 league matches and each time helplessly dragged to the 5th position.

Hopefully they cement the third spot, return to the Champions League and win it. Their fans right now feel like:

All the same, I wish all the teams luck and may the Best Win. What is your top 4 prediction. Let me know in the comment section far below!

I trust that you had a good read, you have an opinion that counters mine? comment honey!. Like, follow, subscribe and comment at no cost. Also, do let me know what topics you would like me to touch next. Remain in God and stay blessed.

P.S: Ensure to take care of yourself and your health specifically. You’re loved.

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