Premier league and everything in between

The joy, tears, frenzy celebrations, the taunts and the memorable; all as the premier league comes to a climax. Who will banter Chelsea and their goal keeper, Arsenal and their inconsistent form and accuse Manchester United of penalties? Let’s look at the bright side, the heart breaks experienced by Arsenal fans are temporarily suspended till September. Today I will share the gists from the final match day.

Hehehehehe, welcome back FAM. How have you all been? Staying blessed, I trust? Let’s dig into the gists please.

• Aston Villa Survives the Purge: Forget the Top 4 fight, the bottom 3 spot in the premier league is dreaded like Diarrhoea.

Source: Bleachers report football

Staying afloat the relegation zone was like winning a trophy itself. If you don’t understand, look at that player on his knees.

• Manchester United enroute Champions League:

Source: Manchester United

That’s the feeling when you sit Third above Chelsea, overturn a 17 point deficit and earn a deserved spot in Champions League draws, thanks to playmaker Bruno Fernandes and the favorite Lingard who saved his only goal for the best moment in the Season.

Source: Manchester United

• The Shockers: Wolves and Leicester City allowed opportunities slip off their hands as both lost to Chelsea and Manchester united, ironically promoting the latter teams to the Champions league.

• The Award Winners: Jamie Vardy, Kevin D.B, Ederson all winning the Highest Goal scorer, Highest Assist and Best Goalkeeper (and he is not even the most expensive goalkeeper) respectively.

Source: Bleachers report football

• The Memorable and Records: David Silva of Manchester city and Vertongen of Tottenham leave their respective clubs sad enough in the absence of Fan applause.

• Bruno Fernandes sets the record of the most successful premier league debutant in league history according to Bleachers report football. He came in January.
– David Luiz; the player to concede 5 penalties in a season.
– Chelsea: wins the fourth position trophy. Lol

Feel free to add to the list, your opinions, views, comments and all, keep them pouring in.
All the same, Congratulations to the Top 4 Clubs in England as they step up to another challenge.

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17 thoughts on “Premier league and everything in between

  1. Nice piece Ma’am, the season has been an amazing one with its dose of bitter and sweet pills. A season of breakthrough for Liverpool (after 30 years) and Man Utd… They must have forgotten the UCL anthem. Kudos to The blues too, amidst their transfer ban, experiment with ‘academy players’ the manager’s inexperience etc, they finished strong and at the verge of clinching the FA trophy. 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mr Charles Orok. Why not just leave Manchester United out of your comment and go face the likes of Lewandosky, Gnabry, Coman in your UCL fight then come back and see how to beg for keeper.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. At the verge of clinching the FA trophy, you say?

      Thanks goodness I’m just seeing this.

      With your list of excuses, you let the cup slip out of yours…well,it wasn’t yours in the first place

      Thanks though, your comment cracked me up


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