FA. Cup-late but still sweet

Hello family. I am so sorry, but i couldn’t get rid of this sweet gist, even though I’m a bit late. Hope you’re doing okay?

What started as an early win for Chelsea ended in Premium tears on August 1 as Arsenal came from behind to thump their London neighbors for a record 14th time FA
Cup winners (coincidentally the same shirt number of Aubameyang, Arsenal’s talisman), claiming an Europa league spot.

Source: Bleachers report football

Yea that’s how winners roll.

Like I always do, I’ll share my thoughts and gist, and of course something happened too which I’ll show you. Amidst my last post I had predicted Arsenal would win that encounter (where I joked of chelsea’s Iconic Jersey and their experience in the tournament). The last reason wasn’t a joke after all, only Manchester United is the next highest winners. If it is FA Cup, forget it (In fact, it should be called the Arsenal Cup). Here are my keynotes:

• The Controversy: Controvesy they say is the spice of the game. The moment on Chelsea fans’ lips and probably the excuse for their defeat is the Red Card on Kovacic. (Sorry but it came after the 2nd goal) Take a look at this

Source: Sportbible.com

Yes the referee made some terrible decisions, but credits should be given to Xhaka’s exaggerated reaction who capitalised on the rule and game intensity to compound Lampard’s woes. Before you mention VAR, there is the bizzare rule which prevents VAR from reviewing second Yellow card offenses.

• The Talisman: Yes the life of the party; the number 14 Aubameyang has been instrumental for Arsenal.

Source: si.com

Single handedly, he had scored all the 4 goals for Arsenal at Wembley to make Arteta a trophy winner in his first season as Manager. He is just too good.

Source: football 365

• The Troll: Chelsea’s Timo Werner was pictured in the stadium texting with his phone; and his former team Leipzig couldn’t help with what seemed like a light troll.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

Who knows what he was texting?Maybe he wants to return back (for Holidays maybe. Lol)

Congratulations Arsenal F.C, winners of the 2019/2020 F.A cup and for saving the World from noise pollution. See you in the Europa League. Quick recoveries to the Injured Chelsea Trio.

For my non- football lovers, I’m cooking something for you, just hang in there. Also, I’ve been working on starting my YouTube channel, yippeeeee. This child of ours needs a sibling, though there has been quite a number of hurdles, but we can always win if we want to. Please share your thoughts as usual, follow, subscribe and have a fabulous weekend. Remain in God and stay blessed.

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