Weekend Football Banter With Pearl

Hi guys, welcome back!…It has been such a long time away. Let’s dig right into what i have for you.

Man city’s shocking exit to Lyon, Barcelona’s biggest defeat in close to 80years, which I 8-2 remember and PSG securing their first Champions’ league final made the week a controversial one. Personally I successfully predicted the semi finals of the champions league despite all the quarter final surprises. However, I still 1-2 know why Manchester United lost to Sevilla last week despite recording 20 shots and scoring first? Well, what can I say, that’s the past now as this week brings to an end both European Competitions: The Finals!

Source: insidesport.co

La liga’s 4th placed Sevilla will square against Serie A’s 2nd placed InterMilan who look more like “visitors” to a nicknamed “Sevilla cup” just as the F.A cup is nicknamed the “Arsenal cup”. Most fans would have loved it to be sort of a “Reunion party” where Manchester United would have played Inter instead, but however experience gave Sevilla the edge. While Inter Milan has definitely got the big boys; likes of Martinez, Lukaku,

Source: YouTube

Eriksen, Sanchez and the confidence having beaten Shakhtar 5:0 in the semi’s (typical Bayern stuff), Sevilla has got Ocampus( the guy who punishes defensive errors), creative assist maker, Jesus Navas and a remarkable goalkeeper.
This will definitely be another Spoiler edition and could just be added to the unending list of this season’s surprises.

May the most Tactical Win.

Source: Tricity news

The Energy Gdansk stadium; the beautiful stadium hosting this glorious event (sadly without the noisy cheers of Fans)

PS: The 2020/2021 Premier League Fixtures has just been released and Arsenal will be playing first (you know what that means). Let me reserve the fun for next time. What are your thoughts, who would you pick as your winner.

Consider this my happy weekend dose. Do well to comment, share and subscribe. More contents coming, and as usual remain in God and stay blessed.

Special Announcement: Hello again. If you read my very first blog post, you’d remember me saying that this blog is my baby. LOL. OK, so last week, I started my YouTube channel with my introductory video, and I have added one more and would keep adding amazing content on various topics. Please do subscribe through the link that I will leave in the comment section far below.

YouTube Channel name: Pearl Connects

I love you all.

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