Treble or Terrible?

What a way to end the football night and the football season; a treble for Bayern Munich and terrible end for PSG who ended the night in tears.

Source: Bleachers report football

A very sad outing for them, the party kept calling but they failed to turn up and utilize the chances they created. I know they must have come with Champion jerseys and speakers for celebration which they didn’t use, on the bright side they would be grateful for the scoreline remaining the way it was (Considering how Bayern took some clubs to the cleaners). Bayern Munich indeed has been the perfect side, right from the goal keeping department to the striking. Very spectacular has been the Goal Machine, Lewandoski, who has been in his best form scoring 55 goals alone this season (1 goal shy of the total goals Arsenal scored in the whole 2019 premier league season) duly deserving the Ballon D’or award, had it been awarded (there is a speculation that petitions are being signed to revert the decision to cancel this year’s award according to Bleacher report football).

Alphonso Davies has also impressed (he is just 19) and will surely attract attentions this transfer season ,while Kingsley Coman has inked his name on the few list of Men of Steel who scored the winning goal to secure a treble. Now there is a sweet twist; Reports also have it that Barcelona will still pay Liverpool a sum of money since Coutinho has won the Champions as this was captured in his release contract (even after he added goals which sent them off. Lol). With this feat, rivalry has been rekindled as all of Europe will come for them next, especially some clubs I won’t mention who would want vengeance. I will leave you with pictures as I Congratulate the Kings of Europe Bayern Munich.

Source: Bleacher Report Football
Source: Bleacher Report Football
Source: Bleacher Report Football

Share your thoughts dears. Who would miss the champions league?

Whilst, sharing your thoughts,I want you to remain in God and stay blessed. As always, live, laugh and love🤲💖

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3 thoughts on “Treble or Terrible?

  1. PSG tried but as you said they failed to utilize their chances

    They should revert the balloon d’or decision abeg

    Thanks for serving this 🔥🔥🔥 dish

    Premier league resume soon so I won’t miss football like that

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