Transfer or not

Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. Today, I have some gist I would like to run by you all.. you know how we do it nahhh, keep reading.

Its no longer news that Lionel Messi, 6 times Ballon D’Or winner and one of Football’s greatest has handed over a request to Barcelona for an exit after that humiliating defeat; though not the first time but this time it’s a bit controversial. Certainly key players have used this strategy before to pull traffic and social engagement or to agitate for something; either to hasten the board to sign players, improve contract bonuses, increase a wage bill or oust a coach, which in most cases have proven very effective. This time, there is a huge price at stake to pay. I’ll let you into the gist in case you don’t know.
Messi has a release clause of about £622m; earning an annual wage of roughly £100m (that’s like a whole wage bill of some clubs and 1/3 of many); any team that pulls such transfer without adequate preparations would definitely have the UEFA Financial Fair Play Sledgehammer ready to fall, that’s if they avoid bankruptcy and considering the fact they can have him for free after 1 year.
Asides the monetary hurdle, it seems Messi wants to force out his way for FREE (a controversial legal dispute which I won’t want to bore you with). If he pulls through without sorting it out, there is a clear danger awaiting him and the intending club. According to a leading lawyer Nick De Marco QC, not only is he liable to pay damages and be banned by FIFA for some months, the intending club will be placed on transfer embargo (Certainly a situation where free things dey Purge. Lol).
Notwithstanding, I know many clubs will be willing to stake their heads for this (after all good things don’t usually come easy), and probably one might be his destination:
• Arsenal:

Source: Facebook

Considering his Age, the FREE nature of his intending push, and pedigree, Arsenal has been taunted to have braced up a move for Messi considering the fact it also rhymes with the team’s transfer ideology. Imagine Messi, Aubameyang and Pepe (the world can’t handle it).

• Manchester City: Messi has always admired Pep Guardiola ( a coach with whom he has won more trophies in his entire career), at times expressing the probability of a reunion. The team has won lots of trophies and have most of England’s stars. However, Man city just escaped UEFA punishment lately by the whiskers, another attempt would be likened to shaking a table resting on one leg.

• Manchester United: These are the Big boys; they have what it takes monetarily and have/had the world’s greatest players like Beckham, Cantona, C.Ronaldo, Rooney, De Gea in their team. They might just sign Sancho and all they need then make Messi the last signing and maybe wait for the transfer ban (just thinking afterall Chelsea survived a transfer ban and finished 4th).

• PSG: Currently holding the World’s most expensive transfer record for Neymar. Messi would love a reunion with His Friend

Source: Bleacher report football

, play alongside Mbappe and help PSG win their first Champions League before Ronaldo does for Juventus(that’s a personal trophy on its own).

• Old Boys: He could still end up with his boyhood clubs, fulfill his dream and then Retire.

Source: Bleacher report football

•Messi won’t want to obviously retire now nor leave Barcelona, this way not at least without a grand farewell. This might just be a “power play” as I feel He is not leaving anytime soon. What’s your take? Leave a Comment.

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