2020: Still your year or not?

Hello, hi, hey. How are you doing? If this is your first visit to my blog, welcome, I celebrate you and I do hope that you’d enjoy my contents and keep coming back. If you’re a returning visitor, as in a family member here, I say welcome once again…LOL🤗. So today, away from our long football retreat, I would like to share with us something we’ve all had to discuss or admit to ourselves, or maybe we’ve not thought about it, I am here to help out.

So yes, when we started this year, everyone had high hopes, dreams, aspirations, precisely mapped out plans,with even the minute details carved out. Some of us knew the where, how,when and why of our plans for year 2020. Then suddenly corona virus happened, escalated, caused a hold up of things. I mean, it had so much effect that schools were shut down, movement was ceased, and depending on your state of residence, if it was like mine, then it was a total lockdown. For some workers, depending on the deal,they still earned salaries during the period, for some, there was no pay forthcoming.

For some students, they were on hold, while for some who were already having their progress rudely scattered by incessant strikes, this pandemic was like the devil saying “I’m not done with you yet”. I know because I can relate. Should i now talk about the ones who can’t tell if they’re graduates because they can’t even be cleared yet,and if they are, what’s the way forward with NYSC, may we not serve this country in vain indeed. How about those that completed NYSC and don’t have things going for them, and then boom, they have to stay indoor,and hope not to die or lose their sanity. During this same time, electricity became a nightmare. I mean it was bad enough already, but no light?. How about I talk about lives lost these past months, close friends? family? acquaintances?. I mean you just realise life is fickle and before you can spell fickle, another bad news comes up. But then, in all of these, it’s quite hilarious that time didn’t pause; the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months still strolled past like we didn’t matter.

Some persons enjoyed the break though, it was their chance at being with family, at resting, taking a break, thinking, restrategizing, and making decisions, chance at making that relationship work or cutting off if need be. Many made crazy money this period, many gave birth,many stayed alone because they live alone, couldn’t travel to meet family, don’t have a family or are single😢😢. So what table are you on?.

2020 would still be on the calendar. One year was added/ would be added to your age this 2020! Time won’t say, “I feel your pain and would let you do me again”, there’s no resit here honey. So I came to ask, is 2020 still your year or you would rather wait for a pro version? If it’s your year and you know that nothing determines your achievements like you,then come with me. These 4months left, I want you to know that it’s enough to achieve beyond all reasonable doubts all you could have spent your whole year achieving. Whatever you did during the lockdown or didn’t do is on you. Your rested, lived, loved, progressed? The sweet thing is you aren’t knocked down.

Join me in taking few minutes to count out or ruminate over the good things you had during the lockdown. Stop that thought of the downsides were more and focus on the upsides,even if it’s just one.,you can share with me in the comment section if you want. I for instance,started my blog and YouTube channel during the lockdown, trust me there were plenty downsides,but, we move!

Source: Pearlsconnect

Now,what are the things that you wanted to achieve this year? Are they things you can achieve yourself? How important are they to your life and destiny? Can they still be done this year? If they can, let’s get them done. If they can’t,still start working on them, you’d be surprised at the speed you’d get and even if it’s not a done deal, you won’t be entering 2021 the same way.

I also came here to give a subtle reminder that you should live, laugh and love. Live life like you’ve been given the power to determine how each day goes. Laugh like you don’t even know what crying means. Love like it’s the only thing you know how to do.

In your quest towards achieving a lot, let these 3L’s somehow be in the equation. Yes, you that’s been doubting if truly you’re loved. Yes, you that has noticed people know they need you when you’re around, and when you aren’t, they forget you exist. I’m sorry you feel that way and I probably would write about this soon, but trust me, you matter, you just don’t know it enough. This is me sending you hugs, love and prayers from here. If you’d like us to talk, send a mail to iampearljoshua@gmail.com and I would reach out.

Live, laugh and love whilst having a fruitful and productive week. Like, share, follow and comment as well. Remain in God and stay blessed.

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I am a Nigerian lifestyle blogger. I am interested in creating content about relationships,faith,productivity, financial management and everything "planning".Basically, I can relate to the stress we face everyday and I am here to take the stress off you....#one secret; I love Ankara wears a lot. I hope to hear from you.

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