Champions League Draws: My Reaction

The UEFA Champions League Draws has sent many into frenzy accompanied with mixed reactions. Some Fans are complaining of a tagged Group of death draws, some are in a group that looks like an Europa League draw, some got the draws so easy as usual, while some are still waiting for another grouping as their club names weren’t even included. From the draws, Thursday cold night football keeps calling and it seems like getting a 3rd Spot would be a new Mission.

Source: UEFA

Theoretically, this latest draw has been met with predictions and taunts. Let’s find out where your team belongs. But before, we proceed, let me say hello first. How are you doing? The death draws kind of group has been invading my mind space though 😅😅😅

Group A: This was by popularity considered the most ‘dreaded’ group with Bayern Munich sitting on top and Atletico Madrid as favourite contenders (So nice Suarez is going to meet Bayern again thrice this year). I just feel for Lokomotiv Moskva.

Group C: Man city must agree they have always gotten the easy draws. The quest for the other qualifying slot would just make it very competitive.

Group D: Midtjylland will be wondering how they landed into this group. Atlanta, Ajax are much more above them even though Ajax might just have a slimmer chance as they have lost key stars this season. Liverpool will need to absorb the pressures.

Group E: Already dubbed the ‘Europa’ League group; Chelsea and Sevilla face new incoming teams in what literally looks like the easiest draws (probably the ‘benefit’ the last season’s 4th position brought). Hope they scale through.

Group G: Star game Barcelona vs Juventus; the clash of football’s G.O.A.Ts’ and the most anticipated game lies here. Permit me to shiver(may the best GOAT emerge, in this context, you know who that is, tell me). Nobody saw this coming so early as in the group stages. I fear Ferencvaros might just be the ‘scapegoat’ on their cup debut.

Group H:

Source: Facebook

So far United fans have been restless and at the end of several taunts in the Group of Death draws.To some it’s the end of the road, however Hargreaves had something to say to BT sports:
“I think they (United) can be confident, quietly confident,PSG are the strongest team in the group, but Man United are the second strongest team in the group…” Remember the last knockout?

Conclusively Atlanta, Young Boys, Lyon last seasons have all proven that in this League, no one is an ‘Underdog’; everyone has a fair chance. However,it’s still undeniable that somehow the Europa League still has open arms to receive more teams.

PS: If You still couldn’t find your team, check for the Europa league draws today (let me not call names).
Let me hear your thoughts. Who is going down to Europa as we await kickoffs? Talk to me dears.

Till I come your way again, remain in God and stay blessed

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