The Battle Against Procrastination

Hello everyone, I trust that you are all doing fine and that the month has steadfastly been bringing truckloads of blessings to us.

In our bid to get more productive this year and me making some soul-searching enquiries, I came up with the topic for today. If you would like to know more about productivity, please keep reading.

Productivity is defined as doing a task or tasks efficiently to achieve great end results. Being productive is not limited to the office or workplace, rather it involves every area of your life. This could mean engaging in physical activities to improve your health and physique, investing in and digesting new things to increase your knowledge and skill set or cutting down on some aspects of your personal life to create more time for other things. Productivity must always yield result. The level of result would be dependent on the level of input though.

One major factor that can affect one’s productivity rate negatively is Procrastination.
Procrastination is defined as the act or habit of putting off or delaying things that need to be done, especially something requiring immediate attention:

In trying to get more productive, it is important that you fight and overcome the problem of procrastination. From personal experience and reading, there are some key tips that has helped and is helping me in the journey of overcoming procrastination. I mean, for me, procrastination used to be sweet until it lands me in deep trouble, and oftentimes I would always say to myself, ” if I get out of this, I would ensure I never procrastinate”.. but guess who still procrastinates after the promises 😥.. Yes, me!
Most times, I give the excuse of “I like doing things at the last minute and under pressure, because it makes me stand on my toes and brings out the best in me”. But to be honest, this was a lie I literally made myself believe just so I could evade the problem that stared straight at me.

Here are few tips that I believe would help us in this journey.

P.S: It’s not magic, you would have to consciously put in the work till it becomes a habit otherwise, just a pause would plunge you back into the same hole you came out from.
It takes about 3 months and more of consistently doing something before it can be said to be a habit, so do the maths.

• Write things down!: It’s important to write things down, now I don’t mean a rough sheet of paper that can be easily discarded, rather, get a presentable and nice note or planner. For every task that comes to mind, notwithstanding how minute it is, write it down.

•Budgeting: For the completion of each job or task, give an approximated time for it’s completion. In the actual sense, you could spend more or less time in getting it done.

• Time your day: It is important to time your day, this way you don’t end up just going through the day like someone that is being tossed to and fro. Determine when exactly you want to get each task done, if it’s a daily, weekly or monthlong task, set it up to fit the plan. Ensure you include time to rest, as well as time to reply messages and mails. It is actually funny how, you go from randomly replying a message to surfing the net for more than 3 hours.

• Do less per time: Oftentimes, doing less is actually doing more. Multitasking won’t help all the time(that is if you believe there is anything like effective multitasking in the first place☹️). So rather than doing 5 things at once and not even doing any of them well, it is just better to take on one task per time and get it perfectly done, after which you move on to the next.

Source: WhatsApp( valid response on multitasking)

• Seek help!: Nobody ever died from asking for help. Where you have a lot on your plate to handle, it is perfectly okay to ask for help from a dear family member or friend, especially when you know that they are willing to help. I know you sometimes want to do things yourself because “nobody can get it done like you”, why not just put the other person through on how to get it done and trust that it would turn out well.. My friend keeps saying to me “Pearl, problems no dey finish, you need to learn to relax and calm down”. So these days, I just breathe and seek help where I genuinely need it.

• Learn to zone out: You must not be everywhere, everytime. Learn to take a break from social gatherings, online presence or whatever it is that’s making you push very important tasks aside. Train yourself to zone out of distractions around and get things done. You can’t be joining others to catch cruise at the expense of your lined up activities.

I trust that my tips have blessed you and that you have gained a thing or two. Which of them would you like to try out. Let me know in the comment section far below. I hope that you remain in God and stay blessed. Don’t forget 2020 is still the year.

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