Strange yet Exciting!

Did you partake of the amazing lunch I served yesterday afternoon, if you didn’t please pause, ,have it and then come back here for a late dinner 🙊. I trust that you are doing fine?.

So, delving right into today’s meal. People called it strange as a lot of unexpected and the expected happened in the premier league. The lots of unexpected began with Timo Werner’s brace, Wan bissaka’s first career goal, Bruno Fernandes ‘crucial’ penalty miss (when last did he even miss one), and the eventually loss of Real Madrid and Barcelona to Cardiz and Getafe respectively as side attraction. The expected ‘coincidence’ however happened to be the Chelsea draw after Timo Werner’s goal.

With the other games in play, let’s banter and talk about the outcome of the last post, again hope you ate the lunch? Shall we?

• Streak of Coincidence:

Source: Bleacher report football

Chelsea let a win slip against Southampton despite the early 2:0 lead in hand, with Chelsea’s back line culpable for at least one of the goals. The headstart had Timo Werner open his scoring account with Chelsea with a brace! And figuratively adding Southampton to the pot containing Brighton, Tottenham, Spain and Switzerland. You guessed right; since his switch to Chelsea, all the above matches he featured on the goal scoring sheet has ended in a draw. A huge streak of coincidence, I must say.

• HeadStarts: Kai Havertz and Wan Bissaka quickly made turn arounds just when they had come under severe scrutiny, having found the back of the net for their teams. It seemed normal for one while for the other, it meant a whole lot.

• The 90 minute mark: If you never believed the sport cliché ‘it’s not over till it’s over’, the weekend’s affair should give you a change of mind. The 90 minute mark was all Southampton needed to break the ‘bridge’, West ham to draw Tottenham and for Manchester united to begin a raid at the ‘Castle’ (little wonder its popularly termed Fergie’s time)

• For the Records: Bruno Fernandes has not missed a penalty since 2016 only to end the 4year ‘record’ as he missed a crucial penalty (his 3 out of 33 professional career penalties) stepping up to spearhead the raid United needed minutes later.

Source: Manchester United

Also Manchester city extended the Record Home win against Arsenal by 1, while Everton failed to break a 10 years winless record against Liverpool!

• It’s 90 minutes!:

Source: Bleacher report football

West ham has replied a 3 goals deficit with 8 minutes left to draw Tottenham with the equalizer at the 90th minute! Lightning strikes again.

*Up next*: Champions League Football!

Leave your thoughts. As usual, you know how much I love to read from you, the opposing opinions and all, just keep the banter coming. Remain in God and stay blessed in this week and beyond.

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6 thoughts on “Strange yet Exciting!

  1. Havertz finally getting an EPL goal, I knew he just needed time.
    A lot of defences were disgraced, Tottenham sha🤦.

    How about that controversial VAR ruling in the Liverpool game, jeez, I’m not even a Liverpool fan but such daylight robbery, right under our noses😂. They sha deserved it.
    Nice stuff Pearl, once again it’s only our reds that go marching on🔴

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