Touchdown from Old Trafford

Hi dearest, I trust you are doing okay and staying safe. It’s our dose of football banters again. I hope that you sit back and enjoy the read.

For an encounter that seemed like a win-win for the both managers, the thrill was just lacking as many expected a near last season opening. Welcome guys, it’s a touchdown from Old Trafford as we review the Premier league matches.

Chelsea had yet another abysmal encounter and for a third time last week got away with another draw in a match that produced the goal keeper as yet another match winner while, Manchester united still needs to restore that Home-fear factor as quick as possible this season as they now seem comfortable winning away and also considering the fact they host Leipzig next week in a should win match too. Back to the review, these are my 3 talking points:

• The Managers: It has been a rough week for Manchester city’s manager and of course United’s and Chelsea’s who all are under pressure this season after a boring league start. United’s pressure only seem to be doused after the big wins against Newcastle and PSG. For Lampard, a goaless draw might have been a reciprocal favour to both managers at this moment but it has inconsiquently just left a question mark on the efficiency of his over 200million massive spree especially the attack.

Source: Getty images

•New Signings: Definitely not the banter you want to hear but none of Werner+ Ziyech+ Havertz did produce the only shot on target in 90minutes for Chelsea (De Gea probably should have been left behind); and Thiago Silva wasn’t bad while Mendy was classic. On the flip, Cavani made his united debut almost getting his first goal while Van De beek changed the final quarter of the game with only Telles missing in action.

Source: Skysports

• Clean Sheets: Both Goal keepers got the much needed clean sheet but Mendy was outstanding having stopped raging Rashford twice almost denting it when he almost scored an own goal earlier in the match. He has now got two out of two since his start and can hopefully continue.

Source: Premier league

It’s official now, every team has now lost a match this season with Everton the last.
This is good news for Arsenal as the golden record has just been extended yet another season. Enjoy and leave your thoughts on this

Was this a penalty?

Source: Bleacher Report Football

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4 thoughts on “Touchdown from Old Trafford

  1. Great analysis. Chelsea lack any creativity going forward. Pulisic, Kai, Werner couldn’t produce any real attackingthreat. In my opinion, Lampard’s system was the problem here and bringing Kovacic on might have spelt better fortunes for Chelsea.

    On the contrast, Reece, Chilwell, Thiago and Mendy all had a fantastic game. Credit to Mendy and Thiago particularly for the clean sheet.

    Oh and that’s a definite penalty by Harry “Fridge” Maguire.

    Looking forward to more football content.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Sir.

      I feel delighted and thrilled reading this comment from you. You probably know why.

      Better fortunes you say?…oh, wow, dear fortune-teller🙊🙊

      Yes, Reece, Chilwell, Thiago, plus Mendy most importantly all did well.

      Special credit to Mendy, I’m forced to say.

      And you just had to stick with the “fridge” name☹️☹️


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