Midweek Drip!

Match day 2 of the champions league is gone, however the euphoria is still with us; Teenage sensation Greenwood gets his first champions league goal helping Manchester united discipline last year’s semi-finalists, Timo Werner looking like he has broken the coincendence streak of draws (though we are still waiting for an open goal from him to confirm), all English teams keeping clean sheets and Arsenal still unbeaten in the UEFA Champions League (UCL) since 2016, actually because they haven’t participated. The mid week edition actually lived up the hype and as usual, I would taunt my way through the fixtures.

• New Records: Manchester united went agog ripping Bundesliga leader’s Leipzig apart on their first ever meeting and in a group of Hell. The “Babyfaced Assassin” Ole Gunner pulled off one of those historic nights again in a disciplinary manner; he allowed the opponents run out of gas and in the ending 20 minutes, killed off the game with his super substitutions.

Source: Bleacher report football

Dr Rashford got his first united hat trick and became the 2nd United player to score a hat trick in the UCL from the bench after Ole Gunner last did it as a player amidst other records. Now it’s two clean sheets in the UCL and it’s safe to say victory over the previous cup finalist and semi finalist leaves Bayern Munich as the last authority.

Liverpool, Manchester city and Chelsea all eased through the midweek with Chelsea enjoying two penalties to ensure they didn’t enroll for another Draw and Fine Art class. (And oh! Jorginho missed one of the penalties). Again Mendy shone for Chelsea commanding the backline as the team tops their group.

Source: Getty images

• G.O.A.T Derby: Fans will wait till December to see C.Ronaldo reply Messi’s goal challenge at Camp Nou after missing out on the much anticipated derby due to Covid 19.

All roads have led to the Europa league tonight as the other English teams seek to replicate the same feat achieved by the champions league Four!

Enjoy while you drop your thoughts on the game that caught your fancy. Remember to live, laugh and love. You’re loved beyond measure.

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