The Touchline

Hello Readers, glad to “see” you guys. There has been lots of movements in league ! Downtown neighbors Manchester United and City keep on relocating towards the top, and Arsenal hitting downtown very fast(at a depth where they might soon hit crude oil). Sad enough, We just hope they make a quick comeback like Manchester United and like Chelsea who keeps coming back from the top of the table excursion to previous position.

Its Blog o’clock, and a good time to take Sneak preview as to who might become the latest team to cross the touchline to cold Thursday night football.

• Chelsea: Apparently since the arrival of in-form Mendy, Chelsea has been cruising in the league and Champions league, now it’s just a count of clean sheets and when they return back to old days. Despite shuttling between the top 3 in the league, they appear very comfortable with a match at hand, one more of a ceremonial such that even if they appear and take pictures, they’ll still qualify.

• Manchester United: Had a shaky start but has gradually lived up the Kings of Comebacks,setting an impeccable Away Record. They’ll be playing in their ‘Favorite’ Stadium AWAY having stunned many to maintain top in a tagged group of Hell (Red Devils for a reason). Getting a Win in the last match tomorrow is a sure bet, at least for a good draw in the next round, else a comeback to Europa League lurks around.

• Manchester City, Liverpool, and Chelsea are already through and are now part of the top feeders with Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Juventus, Dortmund,Porto and Sevilla awaiting the rest.


If Real Madrid, PSG, Leipzig, Atlanta, Inter, Atletico, Ajax all fail to cross the touchline, then an Europa Champions league might just be formed; with Arsenal and Tottenham earnestly looking for an European trophy this season set up for another cracker.

Source: Bleacher report football

P.S: Barcelona Vs Juventus again in action, something to take your mind off.

Share your thoughts as we approach the Touchline.Who drops?

Whilst sending in your comments and through this week and beyond. I hope that you remain in God and stay blessed.


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