Giftspirations: A Guide Towards Buying That Perfect Gift

Hi family members…. It’s never too late to say Merry Christmas right🥺🥺🥺. I’m still collecting Christmas gifts by the way🤸🤸🤸.

Speaking of Christmas, today’s topic was motivated by something I had to do in Church, calm down I am about to explain.

We had exchange of gifts in Church..and I had to get a guy a gift!!!!. Now, that is not the problem because one of my top love languages is “Giving of gifts”, now the thought of me in one’s heart, the person giving the gift, the strategic planning of the gift, the thoughtfulness of the gift given, especially when it’s something I’ve been aiming at getting for myself and trust me, plus the quality; all of these together sweeps me off my feet per time. I love to buy good things for myself. So whether it is something I could have afforded for myself or not, the thought that someone else got it for me humbles me everytime. I always say that I’m a good and thoughtful gift giver. Alas, as I picked a guy’s name and had to bring out the creativity in me, I realised I had more ideas of a female’s gift than that of a male.🙈🙈.

I knew I had to give this guy an amazing gift, something that if I was given I’d appreciate and be glad to use, I knew I had a budget (which by the way I had to triple at the end of the day) and I knew other things in this process of getting the gift.

Basically, I would like to share tips that came in handy for me in this Christmas gift acquisition. They might come in handy when you have to get a birthday, new year or valentine gift for a friend or in my case, someone you aren’t too close to. Please, keep reading 🚶🚶

• Focus: Do you really want to give this person a good gift?, do you want to put in your best into figuring it out or would you rather convert it to solid cash? I, for one would most likely prefer cash to a gift I won’t use. I would rather aim the cash gift at buying lasting things , because again, whether I like my gift or not, I don’t  patronise the idea of gifting someone else my gift. So in getting someone a gift, you have to determine that you’d want to get him/her something that’d be liked.

• Occasion: Why are you gifting the person? The class of gifts you’d give your spouse on her birthday might be different from random daily gifts. So also, anniversary gifts would be different from a gift for someone whose name you picked in an “exchange of gift setting” at work or church

• Budget: Be calm first. Sometimes, I get so analytical when I have to get my dad a gift, this is because this amazing man uses the best of things and with that comes paying the price😒, so I get nervous because I don’t want to get him less standards of what he’d ordinarily get for himself. But in dealing with this issue, I had to agree that yes, I really want to gift this person, yes I have a limited budget. But, I would get super creative such that it would be the gift that matters and not the amount spent on getting it. So before even entering the market, determine how much you’re willing to get to, based on the end result, you might spend more or less but just note you aren’t supposed to break a bank.

• Age/class: In figuring out gifts to get, consider the person’s age. You most likely won’t get your grandmother heels  as a gift, right? Also consider the class. Some gifts would be more appreciated by a working class lady than a student.

• Bring out the Creativity spark: This creativity is such a wide area of discourse. Hopefully the creativity in you would go beyond what I’m stating here. So, are you getting the person lunch, think about his/her favorite restaurant or meal. If you’re planning to get clothes, does she like jumpsuits or long dresses, does he like tuxedos or he’d rather do polos and Jean? what’s their size, how about shoes? sandals? slip-ons, sneakers? a pair of earrings, necklace or wristwatch if she does well with accessories, his favorite perfume, spray or roll-on would go a long way, has there been something he or she has been wanting? Get creative in finding out answers to these questions, if the gift has to be a surprise, engage the help of someone close to the recipient. Is he an art lover? Get him some paintings, is she a picture person, get her a framed portrait of herself or a drawing.


• Relationship: The relationship you have with the person you’re gifting would determine how intimate or personal your gift should get. So if you are colleagues at work or have a formal relationship, books, gadgets, flowers is preferable, funds transfer speaks well in fact🤭. If you’re family or very close circled friends then you can get more personal gifts.

• Quality over Quantity: To be honest, this is very important. You don’t want to gift someone two wristwatches that would fade in a month, so if it means getting one item that will last long and be well appreciated, by all means do that.

• Packaging and Presenting: No matter how amazing and beautiful your gift is, your job is not well-done until you do a proper finishing and packaging. If it has to be wrapped, wrap it. We know you did a lot in getting this gift, it is also important to present in a way that every detail is treasured and remembered. Still under packaging, never forget to remove the price tag from the gift. Attach a note to the gift. Accompany the gift with a little surprise depending on how close the recipient is to you, you can decide to do a little bit of pranking or hide and seek before he/she finds the gift, add a little bit of mystery to the presentation. Leave them awed!!!

• Note that people are different. So do not get overly excited as to how the recipient would react when you present the gift. As long as they show that the gift is appreciated, that’s fine. This is because, some persons like me sometimes don’t do well with surprises and sometimes we do well with it. So you might expect that he’s going to cry and scream, but then you get shocked. Sometimes too, the recipient might get so overwhelmed and show it expressly. Whether the person jumps+cries or not, the smiles and thank yous have said it all.

I trust that you have learned a thing or two. You have more ideas on what to consider while getting a gift, please add them in the comment section far below. You have questions for me or need my help, hit the comment section or send a DM via Instagram/Twitter.

I pray that you remain in God and stay blessed this week and beyond. 2021 promises to be a great one for us….🌞🌞

I shared my 2020 lessons on my YouTube platform, one important one is remembering to live, laugh and love. Life in itself is fickle and a bundle of stress, do not make it worse by not laughing and loving. Click the link to watch it

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