Premier league football winds down for the year 2020 and in the spirit of sharing, we intend to share the banter, review and of course, pains as we ended a successful year heavily impacted by the pandemic. It’s Kick off time already.

Transfers: A new season began with the opening of the transfer window. It was on low as Club funds were hit by the effects of the pandemic, others did business as usual. Chelsea made ‘breathtaking’ signings only to complain of forgetting Adaptors and Stabilizers. Arsenal on the other hand bought ‘quality’ players to competitively challenge for relegation leaving speculations that proper scouting was absent. However, Time flies as the January window opens today, hopefully the market will be busy again.

45′ (Half Time)
Top Scorers: As it stands after 3 months, M. Salah tops at 13, Midfielder Bruno Fernandes at 10 (Werner + Ziyech+ Pulisic+ Harvetz has 7 )

Source: Bleacher report football

Aubameyang sits at 3 (roughly 1 per month), Kelvin De Bruyne ties with McTominay at 2 goals (scored in 3 mins) while Martial, Kai Harvetz, Mason Mount endures a hard start as the year ends with 1 goal a piece in the league.

Boxing Day: known for the time to exchange gifts; it certainly looked like an exchange of draw boxes except for Chelsea who first received seasons greetings from out of form Arsenal and in appreciation a brand new painter brush for the Draws against Aston villa on final match day of the year. And Mendy says its a good way! Yes we agree.

Source: Chelsea fc

The Standings: With less than 100million each spent this season, Liverpool, Manchester United, Leceister, Everton sit Top 4.

Source: Facebook

One time Top Chelsea sits 6th (probably 8th had Everton’s last match not been cancelled) while after a lot of digging through stones and mud to the bottom of the table we find Arsenal at 13th.

90′ + 3 (Injury time)
After 11 and 13 matches, Werner and Harvtez are yet to score a goal. Were they bought to celebrate Players who score or played out of position maybe as Goal keepers?

Source: Bleacher Report football

We’d talk about goal keepers soonest.

It’s Full Time!
To give chance for the teams to brace up for this new year.

Next fixture: Chelsea vs Manchester city.
Happy New Year, I appreciate you all. What are your expectations, leave a comment, and let’s talk about it

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