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Good even-ings to Liverpool faithfuls, It’s 2 days after the 3rd of January (1-3) of the new year. The new year football week bring back nightmares for some teams across the Premier league; nevertheless, the expectations and hope it brings appear far more greater. It’s blog o’clock, with the table just in shape

Source: Premier League

We get to compare the new year a bit with last year despite this season having game deficit compared to the last year at this time.

Liverpool: Sitting first position jointed with Manchester United at points is Liverpool. This time last year they were 13 points (social distance) past the second placed Leicester city. However, with several key defenders recuperating from injury and the unexpected twist of events where they’ve failed to beat ‘low’ placed teams this season, the upset is about to begin for the top 4 lurkers. It won’t be parte after all

Source: Bleacher report football

Arsenal: It’s almost becoming a norm to be at mid table, at position 10 a year ago they now rest 11th after picking up form and lots of patience with their manager. (Snows are not even excuses)

Source: Bleacher report football

Wow If they continue this new way, they’ll miss the apparent looming chance to get a major English trophy since 2004 (the Championship).šŸ˜ Few free players in the transfer window and they’ll challenge for something.

Manchester city: Currently 5th against 3rd place January 2020, they seem to have been really hit and unsteady. Few seasons they’ve shown that whenever they leapfrog into the top 4, its difficult to plug off the switch (an opportunity Liverpool just gave them). Quite similar to Arsenal, they’ve picked up form with Chelsea too (a little hope for Sheffield) in a match player literally with the absence of a true striker.

Source: Bleacher report football

Manchester United: At 2nd place compared to 5th last year, it’s a season of progress quite commendable as they hope to launch a comfortable attack into the top and past the semi’s of the carabao cup. And yes, Bruno is the first player to score a penalty this year in the premier league

Source: Bleacher report football

In addition, they’ve also walked past the challenging ‘Underdogs’ the other big 4 teams struggled with. With the transfer window open, they must further fortify the team.

Chelsea: They say when you want to pick form just play Chelsea. Currently 9th compared to 4th at the beginning of last year, they appear to be struggling (even with the corner post) and gradually moving towards the bottom as things appear not to be working.

Source: Skysports

And coincidentally this form started after Klopp called them title contenders in a press conference. Well just like Manchester united and Arsenal have kept faith with their coaches in the struggling moment, I think the same should be done to Lampard. At least he should be rewarded with 5 years contract and more $300 million financial support.

Source: 90 min

There is still a lot to play for.

Leave a comment. Till then Good 9th!

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