Dating 101_ Tips to having an Amazing First Date🤩

Hello dear, it has been a long time since you heard from me. Well, I am learning this balanced life, because adulting isn’t easy one bit 🥺🥺. But I miss you, alongside your comments.

It’s the weekend and I have put together this amazing content for you, yes you. You do have plans for the weekend, after such a long week, don’t you? You are probably going out with family, friends or most probably a first date with that guy or lady🙈🙈.

My typical week: full of sending regards, editing, typing and staring at the screen 😭😭😭😭

Important to note is that, a date is an outing with a lover, a potential lover or a person you just met. A date amongst many other definitions, could also be a prearranged business meeting. A date can also be one’s companion for social functions or occasions, this doesn’t mean you both are in a relationship.

My focus today is your first date with someone and all that you need to know. I am one person that prefers to be in the circle of people I know already. I’d rather stay home all day than go for functions, I’d rather order a take home meal than eat out in a restaurant. But this year, I’ve had to eat out, make conscious efforts at friendships and this involved having to go on dates/hangouts with ladies and guys as well. From reading and from personal experience, there are some specifics about first dates that this post is going to address. Stay with me💕

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• Do something different:- As the one planning the date, you really must not do restaurants, though food is important 🤪🤪, think fun as well, think about places that can be visited, a museum? A garden? Recreational sites? parks? Karaoke? Note that you don’t have to be too formal or nervous. You can have a picnic format in fact, enjoying nature, eating and having fun with your date.

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• Factor in your partner:- So while you’re getting all excited about how the date is going to go, ensure to factor in your date’s preferences. You want the other person comfortable around you, just as you are around him/her.

• Who pays?:- To be honest, we shouldn’t drag this subject matter for too long. Whoever initiated the date should pay. So, for you to have initiated going on a date with the other person, you certainly have plans to take care of the other person and will do anything to ensure you both relax and have a wonderful time, while within your budget. So if the guy initiated the date, it’s totally okay for him to pay, don’t sweat over this, just have a good time. As a lady, you can decide to split the bill with the guy or take care of the bill on another date. Don’t stress over this. As one who is being taken out on a date, do well to carry extra cash notwithstanding, just in case something truly comes up with the other person, after all you both had the good time, and I expect that he/she has the decency to refund later.

• Dress comfortably:- Depending on the location and the atmosphere it entails, dress accordingly. Whatever you wear, ensure you’re comfortable in it and that you look good. Looking good is good business. It’s important to look good, smell good, feel good. I really know some persons would rather wear slippers and have corn rows on their head. That you’re told to come as you are or because you should be loved for who you are doesn’t mean you should not make an effort to look presentable.😐

• Set your mind:- As you go on a date, probably after a busy day at work. Try to discard every lingering thoughts or work related stress. Drop it before proceeding on your date, the goal is to have a great time, not to grace the atmosphere with a bad vibe. Consciously set your mind to relax. If you really are troubled or upset, then consider rescheduling, because trust me, when your mind is not in a place, many things will go wrong, and we don’t want that on a first date.

• Timing:- I just cringed, because whatttt.. some people are chronic latecomers. They will be late to their weddings in fact. It is important to work on that aspect of your life, you do not want a meeting starting off on a wrong note just because you came late.

• Light up the conversation: That you’re an introvert doesn’t mean you are mute. Listen to the other person talk, ask your questions, talk about yourself, as a lady, tease him if need be. Please, remember to keep your phone away, it’s unfair to be on your phone even while eating or while the other person talks. If you wanted to be on your phone, you could have stayed at home. In making conversations, do not say more than what’s necessary. It’s a first date, which may or may not lead to follow up dates. Do not sit, downloading all your life details, rather stay on topics that bonds you two. Talk about movies, songs, beliefs, philosophies, fun stuff, etc. Whatever you do please don’t be boring.

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• Be self-confident:- For a long time, I never liked eating out because I spent so much time on my meal (I still do) and was always conscious about how I was eating and if people were staring at me. But I had to consciously let go of the worries. Dating is work, but it helps ease things when you’re comfortable with who you are with. Know yourself, accept yourself even while working on being better and be confident in your own skin! This will help you enjoy your moments rather than continuously thinking what the other person thinks of you.

• Informational skills:- As you chat, and talk about yourself, ensure not to talk badly about any of your family members and friends. Do not talk poorly of anyone, do not make your ex the centre of the conversation, do not tell offensive jokes. In all your communications, be respectable.

• Body language:- Please dear
keep your hands to yourself!, that you are both having a good time doesn’t mean you touching the other person would make him/her know you are into his/her person. It just might give the impression that you are a chronic flirt and might result in a reaction you don’t like. Stop it

• Make your partner comfortable:- Ensure that you watch your partner’s gestures or body language. For instance, observe when it looks like the cold is getting to her, or when it feels like he is getting tired or done, you aren’t supposed to sleep there, are you?.

• Post-date:- If you leave together, and have to drop the other person. Drop him/her off and leave, don’t wait to be invited into the house. If you leave separately, ensure to find out if the other person got home safely. Rememeber to let the other person know that you had a great time and really appreciate the moment. Well, if you took pictures together, you may or may not post them just yet. You should consider if the other person is someone opened to social media flaunting.

I hope that with the tips aforementioned that I have helped you learn better, and that you will focus on having a great time the next time you go on a date.

If you pay attention, there is always something to live for, laugh about and love. So release yourself, unburden your chest and enjoy the warmth and love being shown you. Be the reason someone has a great weekend this time around.

What’s your take on this, do you have more tips? Share with me dear. Also, share this with anyone you think needs it. I love you and pray that you remain in God and stay blessed.💕🥰😍😍😏🤩😘

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    I had a fun time reading through. The tips were relatable. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you!


  2. I love this tips..right on point
    And as u elaborated on each points, u went straight to the point not bitting around or try to bore us..infact these are things we know but they way presented and explained each points made it sound so different and new..I love it..thanks

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