Shopping 101

Hi guys, it’s still safe to say happy new month right?🤪🤪

I was going through my gallery today, and I realized that most of my wears are either materials I bought and gave someone to make into a style in my head or stuff I randomly order based on review and the plans I have for it.

Oftentimes, when I have to go to the market to buy ready-made wears, it’s either I don’t find my kind of style, or something is off about whatever I end up liking, or it’s not my size. The struggles!!!🥺🥺🥺

In recent times, I have done a good job getting great wears, at affordable deals without having to go to the market.

Every Wednesday through this month, I will take you on a journey of buying. This will entail how to get the right vendors, what qualities to look out for and your manner of approach. In addition to that, I will fill you in on tips to note while making an online purchase from any of the online platforms available, I will share my experiences and probably showcase some of the items I’ve bought and give my candid reviews while sharing the exact link through which you can get it. Like we all know, different vendors exist on these online platforms and sell the same things. You must note that the price varies with vendors.

It is important that you note the reviews, ratings, prices, locations, delivery options and delivery duration.

I will explain more through the month. You must anticipate!!🤪🤪

Dec:31st___ Crossover service

P.S: I got this amazing jacket in December, and trust me when I say it’s so lovely.. It gives an extra spice of beauty and elegance to whatever I wear with it per time.I have rocked it in different ways, and I love it every single time.

You can never go wrong with a turtle necked top and palazzo📌

Here is a link for the black one, I know you love it:

Waterfall Trendy Jacket😍😍😍

The red one:…red-63510637.html%3Futm_medium%3Dsocial%26utm_campaign%3Dpdpshare-apps&utm_campaign=d6ca970d-fabf-4f98-9d7c-ceca2d402c0b&utm_term=royalty&s1=royalty

The blue:

Have you ordered stuff online before? Share your experience with me dears.

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