Shopping Tips __ Things to note before making that purchase

Who doesn’t love to shop?? Especially when the items involved will bring so much joy to you and make life easier for you 😍😍. In order to shop effectively and get the most out of your money, there are tips you have to note carefully. Please keep reading..

• Why are you really buying that item?: If you are a spontaneous spender, then you have to allow items two to 7 days before making your decision to buy. If after days, you still feel very much in need of it, then you can go ahead and buy, this is to avoid spontaneously buying something and then realizing you don’t really need or love it.

• What are people saying about that particular product, brand and vendor? It’s important to read or hear people’s ratings and reviews. From a number of 10 reviews, you’ll get an average of the truth or close to the truth testimonial and thence, make your decision.

• Ensure whatever it is you are about to buy will be used by you more than once. If it’s something you need just once in a lifetime you can decide to rent or borrow, well, except you have the money and don’t mind dashing it out, then by all means…buy it.

• Get fair deals: Ask around for the price of that one thing you need to buy. Your first price isn’t always the best deal, ask and seek information about it before settling on a particular vendor. Think through every promo offers before you go for it. That an item is “buy 3, get one perfume free” doesn’t mean the selling price is favourable for you! you must remember that the producers cannot be at a loss, they certainly have something to gain, so if you don’t have something to gain too, no matter how appetizing the offer looks, you need to let it go.

• Nothing wrong with online purchasing: Sometimes, you don’t really have to spend transportation cost all the way to the market just to buy one item. If you can, just research online, check through websites and make your purchase once and for all.

• Ask about refund/ return policies. If an item isn’t what you wanted, can you be refunded? If it’s not your exact size, can it be exchanged? Inquiries need to be made, especially for products that are expensive.

• Read sale ads+ instructions very carefully: I can’t overemphasize the benefits of paying attention to details. Check if there’s a warranty period on the item you’re purchasing. Check the specifications over and over, ensure that everything is perfect on your end.

• Avoid being pennywise and pound foolish: What I’m basically saying here is, for anything that you use on a consistent basis, buy in bulk rather than in small quantities and small rates, became in the long run your calculations will show that buying the small quantities over a period of time is costing more than buying in bulk at once.

• Even as I close the curtains here today, it’s sweet to receive gifts, but sometimes you need to just sort out or pay for things yourself. There is satisfaction from knowing that you got what you wanted by yourself. In next week’s edition, I will continue on our shopping lessons and what to do as you make your order and after.

What did you think about these tips? Like, comment, share and subscribe. Until I come your way next time, remain in God and stay blessed.

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