The lamp in Lampard is out, as Stamford Bridge remains in darkness as Peter Drury would say. A heavy day for Chelsea faithfuls who will only have to wipe off the tears with Mendy’s big towel in consolation that afterall there are still over 17 matches to decide who plays in the championship next season.

Welcome once again it’s blog o’ clock and we talk Sports today amidst the banter. Who else has noticed Liverpool hasn’t scored a league goal this year?

• Top Spot: I would say the battle for the top spot has gotten more interesting with almost 5 teams having a taste of what it seems like to perch at the top while the defending champions struggle to defend the title. At some point, some stayed for a week or more, while some lasted only 24 hours before eviction with the weird similarity being that teams that once tasted this echelon have all dropped below the top 4 (except for a dogged few). A major factor now will rely on team tactics and other team inconsistencies rather than on big spendings. It’s not just in the Premier league that the defending champions isn’t currently topping their league.

Source: Liverpool FC

• Wave of Form: The fluid state of team and individual form has drawn attention. Who imagined Manchester United from bottom position to the top spot, Chelsea and Arsenal from the top gradually towards the other half of the table where solid minerals are located (although one has began the climb). Talking about individual form, the best of Martial, Firminho, Ziyech, Kai and Werner (until they stop scoring only against league 1 teams) to be blunt are yet to be seen.

• F.A cup: It’s mixed feelings this time as the cup action returns this weekend. On one side, it’s rivalry rekindled, while on the other, it’s another good time and the time to advance.

Source: Skysports

Nevertheless, it’s the beauty of the game when you challenge for a trophy and win.
We all know Lampard is currently battling the tasking project to overturn strings of defeats and poor team play as soon as possible. Should he be sent away or given more time /new long contract (at least to win the champions league if not championship)

Share your thoughts with me dears

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Kick Off

Good even-ings to Liverpool faithfuls, It’s 2 days after the 3rd of January (1-3) of the new year. The new year football week bring back nightmares for some teams across the Premier league; nevertheless, the expectations and hope it brings appear far more greater. It’s blog o’clock, with the table just in shape

Source: Premier League

We get to compare the new year a bit with last year despite this season having game deficit compared to the last year at this time.

Liverpool: Sitting first position jointed with Manchester United at points is Liverpool. This time last year they were 13 points (social distance) past the second placed Leicester city. However, with several key defenders recuperating from injury and the unexpected twist of events where they’ve failed to beat ‘low’ placed teams this season, the upset is about to begin for the top 4 lurkers. It won’t be parte after all

Source: Bleacher report football

Arsenal: It’s almost becoming a norm to be at mid table, at position 10 a year ago they now rest 11th after picking up form and lots of patience with their manager. (Snows are not even excuses)

Source: Bleacher report football

Wow If they continue this new way, they’ll miss the apparent looming chance to get a major English trophy since 2004 (the Championship).😁 Few free players in the transfer window and they’ll challenge for something.

Manchester city: Currently 5th against 3rd place January 2020, they seem to have been really hit and unsteady. Few seasons they’ve shown that whenever they leapfrog into the top 4, its difficult to plug off the switch (an opportunity Liverpool just gave them). Quite similar to Arsenal, they’ve picked up form with Chelsea too (a little hope for Sheffield) in a match player literally with the absence of a true striker.

Source: Bleacher report football

Manchester United: At 2nd place compared to 5th last year, it’s a season of progress quite commendable as they hope to launch a comfortable attack into the top and past the semi’s of the carabao cup. And yes, Bruno is the first player to score a penalty this year in the premier league

Source: Bleacher report football

In addition, they’ve also walked past the challenging ‘Underdogs’ the other big 4 teams struggled with. With the transfer window open, they must further fortify the team.

Chelsea: They say when you want to pick form just play Chelsea. Currently 9th compared to 4th at the beginning of last year, they appear to be struggling (even with the corner post) and gradually moving towards the bottom as things appear not to be working.

Source: Skysports

And coincidentally this form started after Klopp called them title contenders in a press conference. Well just like Manchester united and Arsenal have kept faith with their coaches in the struggling moment, I think the same should be done to Lampard. At least he should be rewarded with 5 years contract and more $300 million financial support.

Source: 90 min

There is still a lot to play for.

Leave a comment. Till then Good 9th!


Premier league football winds down for the year 2020 and in the spirit of sharing, we intend to share the banter, review and of course, pains as we ended a successful year heavily impacted by the pandemic. It’s Kick off time already.

Transfers: A new season began with the opening of the transfer window. It was on low as Club funds were hit by the effects of the pandemic, others did business as usual. Chelsea made ‘breathtaking’ signings only to complain of forgetting Adaptors and Stabilizers. Arsenal on the other hand bought ‘quality’ players to competitively challenge for relegation leaving speculations that proper scouting was absent. However, Time flies as the January window opens today, hopefully the market will be busy again.

45′ (Half Time)
Top Scorers: As it stands after 3 months, M. Salah tops at 13, Midfielder Bruno Fernandes at 10 (Werner + Ziyech+ Pulisic+ Harvetz has 7 )

Source: Bleacher report football

Aubameyang sits at 3 (roughly 1 per month), Kelvin De Bruyne ties with McTominay at 2 goals (scored in 3 mins) while Martial, Kai Harvetz, Mason Mount endures a hard start as the year ends with 1 goal a piece in the league.

Boxing Day: known for the time to exchange gifts; it certainly looked like an exchange of draw boxes except for Chelsea who first received seasons greetings from out of form Arsenal and in appreciation a brand new painter brush for the Draws against Aston villa on final match day of the year. And Mendy says its a good way! Yes we agree.

Source: Chelsea fc

The Standings: With less than 100million each spent this season, Liverpool, Manchester United, Leceister, Everton sit Top 4.

Source: Facebook

One time Top Chelsea sits 6th (probably 8th had Everton’s last match not been cancelled) while after a lot of digging through stones and mud to the bottom of the table we find Arsenal at 13th.

90′ + 3 (Injury time)
After 11 and 13 matches, Werner and Harvtez are yet to score a goal. Were they bought to celebrate Players who score or played out of position maybe as Goal keepers?

Source: Bleacher Report football

We’d talk about goal keepers soonest.

It’s Full Time!
To give chance for the teams to brace up for this new year.

Next fixture: Chelsea vs Manchester city.
Happy New Year, I appreciate you all. What are your expectations, leave a comment, and let’s talk about it

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Giftspirations: A Guide Towards Buying That Perfect Gift

Hi family members…. It’s never too late to say Merry Christmas right🥺🥺🥺. I’m still collecting Christmas gifts by the way🤸🤸🤸.

Speaking of Christmas, today’s topic was motivated by something I had to do in Church, calm down I am about to explain.

We had exchange of gifts in Church..and I had to get a guy a gift!!!!. Now, that is not the problem because one of my top love languages is “Giving of gifts”, now the thought of me in one’s heart, the person giving the gift, the strategic planning of the gift, the thoughtfulness of the gift given, especially when it’s something I’ve been aiming at getting for myself and trust me, plus the quality; all of these together sweeps me off my feet per time. I love to buy good things for myself. So whether it is something I could have afforded for myself or not, the thought that someone else got it for me humbles me everytime. I always say that I’m a good and thoughtful gift giver. Alas, as I picked a guy’s name and had to bring out the creativity in me, I realised I had more ideas of a female’s gift than that of a male.🙈🙈.

I knew I had to give this guy an amazing gift, something that if I was given I’d appreciate and be glad to use, I knew I had a budget (which by the way I had to triple at the end of the day) and I knew other things in this process of getting the gift.

Basically, I would like to share tips that came in handy for me in this Christmas gift acquisition. They might come in handy when you have to get a birthday, new year or valentine gift for a friend or in my case, someone you aren’t too close to. Please, keep reading 🚶🚶

• Focus: Do you really want to give this person a good gift?, do you want to put in your best into figuring it out or would you rather convert it to solid cash? I, for one would most likely prefer cash to a gift I won’t use. I would rather aim the cash gift at buying lasting things , because again, whether I like my gift or not, I don’t  patronise the idea of gifting someone else my gift. So in getting someone a gift, you have to determine that you’d want to get him/her something that’d be liked.

• Occasion: Why are you gifting the person? The class of gifts you’d give your spouse on her birthday might be different from random daily gifts. So also, anniversary gifts would be different from a gift for someone whose name you picked in an “exchange of gift setting” at work or church

• Budget: Be calm first. Sometimes, I get so analytical when I have to get my dad a gift, this is because this amazing man uses the best of things and with that comes paying the price😒, so I get nervous because I don’t want to get him less standards of what he’d ordinarily get for himself. But in dealing with this issue, I had to agree that yes, I really want to gift this person, yes I have a limited budget. But, I would get super creative such that it would be the gift that matters and not the amount spent on getting it. So before even entering the market, determine how much you’re willing to get to, based on the end result, you might spend more or less but just note you aren’t supposed to break a bank.

• Age/class: In figuring out gifts to get, consider the person’s age. You most likely won’t get your grandmother heels  as a gift, right? Also consider the class. Some gifts would be more appreciated by a working class lady than a student.

• Bring out the Creativity spark: This creativity is such a wide area of discourse. Hopefully the creativity in you would go beyond what I’m stating here. So, are you getting the person lunch, think about his/her favorite restaurant or meal. If you’re planning to get clothes, does she like jumpsuits or long dresses, does he like tuxedos or he’d rather do polos and Jean? what’s their size, how about shoes? sandals? slip-ons, sneakers? a pair of earrings, necklace or wristwatch if she does well with accessories, his favorite perfume, spray or roll-on would go a long way, has there been something he or she has been wanting? Get creative in finding out answers to these questions, if the gift has to be a surprise, engage the help of someone close to the recipient. Is he an art lover? Get him some paintings, is she a picture person, get her a framed portrait of herself or a drawing.


• Relationship: The relationship you have with the person you’re gifting would determine how intimate or personal your gift should get. So if you are colleagues at work or have a formal relationship, books, gadgets, flowers is preferable, funds transfer speaks well in fact🤭. If you’re family or very close circled friends then you can get more personal gifts.

• Quality over Quantity: To be honest, this is very important. You don’t want to gift someone two wristwatches that would fade in a month, so if it means getting one item that will last long and be well appreciated, by all means do that.

• Packaging and Presenting: No matter how amazing and beautiful your gift is, your job is not well-done until you do a proper finishing and packaging. If it has to be wrapped, wrap it. We know you did a lot in getting this gift, it is also important to present in a way that every detail is treasured and remembered. Still under packaging, never forget to remove the price tag from the gift. Attach a note to the gift. Accompany the gift with a little surprise depending on how close the recipient is to you, you can decide to do a little bit of pranking or hide and seek before he/she finds the gift, add a little bit of mystery to the presentation. Leave them awed!!!

• Note that people are different. So do not get overly excited as to how the recipient would react when you present the gift. As long as they show that the gift is appreciated, that’s fine. This is because, some persons like me sometimes don’t do well with surprises and sometimes we do well with it. So you might expect that he’s going to cry and scream, but then you get shocked. Sometimes too, the recipient might get so overwhelmed and show it expressly. Whether the person jumps+cries or not, the smiles and thank yous have said it all.

I trust that you have learned a thing or two. You have more ideas on what to consider while getting a gift, please add them in the comment section far below. You have questions for me or need my help, hit the comment section or send a DM via Instagram/Twitter.

I pray that you remain in God and stay blessed this week and beyond. 2021 promises to be a great one for us….🌞🌞

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Pearl Joshua

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Take a Look

Hello, it’s yet another time with you🙈🙈. It’s Blog o’clock and we take a look, at the weeks, achievements, banter, table, and yes positions. So Chelsea has now been thrown off the top (hope a good farewell party was thrown too), Arsenal finally gets a goal this December while Manchester United has now completed registration to play on cold Thursday nights at Bethlehem, Jericho.

Take a look.

Source: Firstpost

Started super clean, however Mendy has now learnt the game and even developed skills. Two consecutive matches they’ve lost, amidst series of cruise wins.

Source: Premier league

In the wake of silence brought by this, the asked questions echo louder now and the need for re-assessment. Why do Kai Harvetz and Werner still seem to be struggling (Bruno Fernandes didn’t). Its only a matter of time before the media comes for them. With the return of Pulisic, Werner should get better and oh, its Atletico Madrid in the Round of 16. (Not Barnsley. Lol)

Source: Bleacher report football

Arsenal is 5 points off relegation and let’s take a look. Arsenal face Everton and Chelsea soon, while Manchester city waits in the Carabao cup ( the consolation trophy looking only possible considering their loss of form). Arsenal’s current total poor play without goals (and Red cards) can make the opponents play without strikers and still win. Lol😆😆😆😆

Manchester United the true King of comeback proved it again, this time Martial starts scoring.

Source: Bleacher report football

Noticeable each time the attack redeems the silly defensive blunders they commit, forgetting second games against PSG and Leipzig, it had to cost them qualification. Hectic December fixtures and an In form Sociedad will come knocking soon, hope they keep coming back.

Take a look, share your thoughts. How Liverpool still sits at the top with virtually half of the key squad injured.

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The Touchline

Hello Readers, glad to “see” you guys. There has been lots of movements in league ! Downtown neighbors Manchester United and City keep on relocating towards the top, and Arsenal hitting downtown very fast(at a depth where they might soon hit crude oil). Sad enough, We just hope they make a quick comeback like Manchester United and like Chelsea who keeps coming back from the top of the table excursion to previous position.

Its Blog o’clock, and a good time to take Sneak preview as to who might become the latest team to cross the touchline to cold Thursday night football.

• Chelsea: Apparently since the arrival of in-form Mendy, Chelsea has been cruising in the league and Champions league, now it’s just a count of clean sheets and when they return back to old days. Despite shuttling between the top 3 in the league, they appear very comfortable with a match at hand, one more of a ceremonial such that even if they appear and take pictures, they’ll still qualify.

• Manchester United: Had a shaky start but has gradually lived up the Kings of Comebacks,setting an impeccable Away Record. They’ll be playing in their ‘Favorite’ Stadium AWAY having stunned many to maintain top in a tagged group of Hell (Red Devils for a reason). Getting a Win in the last match tomorrow is a sure bet, at least for a good draw in the next round, else a comeback to Europa League lurks around.

• Manchester City, Liverpool, and Chelsea are already through and are now part of the top feeders with Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Juventus, Dortmund,Porto and Sevilla awaiting the rest.


If Real Madrid, PSG, Leipzig, Atlanta, Inter, Atletico, Ajax all fail to cross the touchline, then an Europa Champions league might just be formed; with Arsenal and Tottenham earnestly looking for an European trophy this season set up for another cracker.

Source: Bleacher report football

P.S: Barcelona Vs Juventus again in action, something to take your mind off.

Share your thoughts as we approach the Touchline.Who drops?

Whilst sending in your comments and through this week and beyond. I hope that you remain in God and stay blessed.


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Hello November

Well, hello darlings🌟🌟…how have we all been? Good, I hope?❤️❤️

So, it’s November, the premier league’s stadia lights are off for yet another two weeks. Two weeks sigh of relief and recuperation. Relief, because November has the infamous thread synonymous to that time of the season when Coaching jobs are lost; and recuperation, in preparation against Detty December. As usual we have a lot to banter about and questions to answer: Why Manchester United now wins away from home, Chelsea’s spice to the draws, Arsenal the Robin hood of EPL, and goals standing after match day 8.

• It’s not news, Manchester United now feels at home away from home this season and would just wish the rest of the season were to be played away having won 7 straight Away League Matches; their best run for over 25 years (Infact the last time this happened in 1993, they won the league).

Source: Getty images

• One man, Bruno Fernandes has been inspirational having earned his 5th goal for season (more than Werner, Havertz, Aubameyang and Mane). A win against Everton barely gave a lifeline, after losses to Arsenal and Recent Turkish champions Istanbul Basaksehir (Can you even pronounce that?)

Source: Sportskeeda

• After series of ‘Drawing’ classes for Chelsea, things have become a bit pleasant again down to the champions league; Strings of good saves, penalties and good goals have spiced up the play (Kudos to the back line). However, there are speculations that they might just get to return to ‘default’ as a similar return from the October break saw Chelsea draw 3 straight matches.

• Arsenal has lost just as much as they have won this season, quickly sharing the points each time they gain them. So far, the attacking threat of Arsenal has gone blunt with Aubameyang mustering just 2 goals, poor for a successive golden boot contender for a team hoping to touch the champions league football next season.

Source: Bleacher Report Football

• On the other hand, heading into the International break; Salah, Son, Vardy, Calvert lewin top the goal scoring chart with 8 goals. Bruno Fernandes tops Werner, Lacazette. Zouma tops Rashford, Sterling. While Maguire, Havertz, Firmino all have 1 goal each (unexplainable).

Source: Bleacher Report Football

While we earnestly expect a Return to Action, grab a cup of Penal-TEA, enjoy the read and leave a comment.🤭

Do you think Manchester United’s coach will avoid a Sack? What are your expectations? Talk to me darlings, I’m your accurate listener ⚡⚡

I hope that you remain in God and stay blessed.


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Midweek Drip!

Match day 2 of the champions league is gone, however the euphoria is still with us; Teenage sensation Greenwood gets his first champions league goal helping Manchester united discipline last year’s semi-finalists, Timo Werner looking like he has broken the coincendence streak of draws (though we are still waiting for an open goal from him to confirm), all English teams keeping clean sheets and Arsenal still unbeaten in the UEFA Champions League (UCL) since 2016, actually because they haven’t participated. The mid week edition actually lived up the hype and as usual, I would taunt my way through the fixtures.

• New Records: Manchester united went agog ripping Bundesliga leader’s Leipzig apart on their first ever meeting and in a group of Hell. The “Babyfaced Assassin” Ole Gunner pulled off one of those historic nights again in a disciplinary manner; he allowed the opponents run out of gas and in the ending 20 minutes, killed off the game with his super substitutions.

Source: Bleacher report football

Dr Rashford got his first united hat trick and became the 2nd United player to score a hat trick in the UCL from the bench after Ole Gunner last did it as a player amidst other records. Now it’s two clean sheets in the UCL and it’s safe to say victory over the previous cup finalist and semi finalist leaves Bayern Munich as the last authority.

Liverpool, Manchester city and Chelsea all eased through the midweek with Chelsea enjoying two penalties to ensure they didn’t enroll for another Draw and Fine Art class. (And oh! Jorginho missed one of the penalties). Again Mendy shone for Chelsea commanding the backline as the team tops their group.

Source: Getty images

• G.O.A.T Derby: Fans will wait till December to see C.Ronaldo reply Messi’s goal challenge at Camp Nou after missing out on the much anticipated derby due to Covid 19.

All roads have led to the Europa league tonight as the other English teams seek to replicate the same feat achieved by the champions league Four!

Enjoy while you drop your thoughts on the game that caught your fancy. Remember to live, laugh and love. You’re loved beyond measure.

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Touchdown from Old Trafford

Hi dearest, I trust you are doing okay and staying safe. It’s our dose of football banters again. I hope that you sit back and enjoy the read.

For an encounter that seemed like a win-win for the both managers, the thrill was just lacking as many expected a near last season opening. Welcome guys, it’s a touchdown from Old Trafford as we review the Premier league matches.

Chelsea had yet another abysmal encounter and for a third time last week got away with another draw in a match that produced the goal keeper as yet another match winner while, Manchester united still needs to restore that Home-fear factor as quick as possible this season as they now seem comfortable winning away and also considering the fact they host Leipzig next week in a should win match too. Back to the review, these are my 3 talking points:

• The Managers: It has been a rough week for Manchester city’s manager and of course United’s and Chelsea’s who all are under pressure this season after a boring league start. United’s pressure only seem to be doused after the big wins against Newcastle and PSG. For Lampard, a goaless draw might have been a reciprocal favour to both managers at this moment but it has inconsiquently just left a question mark on the efficiency of his over 200million massive spree especially the attack.

Source: Getty images

•New Signings: Definitely not the banter you want to hear but none of Werner+ Ziyech+ Havertz did produce the only shot on target in 90minutes for Chelsea (De Gea probably should have been left behind); and Thiago Silva wasn’t bad while Mendy was classic. On the flip, Cavani made his united debut almost getting his first goal while Van De beek changed the final quarter of the game with only Telles missing in action.

Source: Skysports

• Clean Sheets: Both Goal keepers got the much needed clean sheet but Mendy was outstanding having stopped raging Rashford twice almost denting it when he almost scored an own goal earlier in the match. He has now got two out of two since his start and can hopefully continue.

Source: Premier league

It’s official now, every team has now lost a match this season with Everton the last.
This is good news for Arsenal as the golden record has just been extended yet another season. Enjoy and leave your thoughts on this

Was this a penalty?

Source: Bleacher Report Football

Remain blessed through this week and beyond. Connect with me via: