Strange yet Exciting!

Did you partake of the amazing lunch I served yesterday afternoon, if you didn’t please pause, ,have it and then come back here for a late dinner 🙊. I trust that you are doing fine?.

So, delving right into today’s meal. People called it strange as a lot of unexpected and the expected happened in the premier league. The lots of unexpected began with Timo Werner’s brace, Wan bissaka’s first career goal, Bruno Fernandes ‘crucial’ penalty miss (when last did he even miss one), and the eventually loss of Real Madrid and Barcelona to Cardiz and Getafe respectively as side attraction. The expected ‘coincidence’ however happened to be the Chelsea draw after Timo Werner’s goal.

With the other games in play, let’s banter and talk about the outcome of the last post, again hope you ate the lunch? Shall we?

• Streak of Coincidence:

Source: Bleacher report football

Chelsea let a win slip against Southampton despite the early 2:0 lead in hand, with Chelsea’s back line culpable for at least one of the goals. The headstart had Timo Werner open his scoring account with Chelsea with a brace! And figuratively adding Southampton to the pot containing Brighton, Tottenham, Spain and Switzerland. You guessed right; since his switch to Chelsea, all the above matches he featured on the goal scoring sheet has ended in a draw. A huge streak of coincidence, I must say.

• HeadStarts: Kai Havertz and Wan Bissaka quickly made turn arounds just when they had come under severe scrutiny, having found the back of the net for their teams. It seemed normal for one while for the other, it meant a whole lot.

• The 90 minute mark: If you never believed the sport cliché ‘it’s not over till it’s over’, the weekend’s affair should give you a change of mind. The 90 minute mark was all Southampton needed to break the ‘bridge’, West ham to draw Tottenham and for Manchester united to begin a raid at the ‘Castle’ (little wonder its popularly termed Fergie’s time)

• For the Records: Bruno Fernandes has not missed a penalty since 2016 only to end the 4year ‘record’ as he missed a crucial penalty (his 3 out of 33 professional career penalties) stepping up to spearhead the raid United needed minutes later.

Source: Manchester United

Also Manchester city extended the Record Home win against Arsenal by 1, while Everton failed to break a 10 years winless record against Liverpool!

• It’s 90 minutes!:

Source: Bleacher report football

West ham has replied a 3 goals deficit with 8 minutes left to draw Tottenham with the equalizer at the 90th minute! Lightning strikes again.

*Up next*: Champions League Football!

Leave your thoughts. As usual, you know how much I love to read from you, the opposing opinions and all, just keep the banter coming. Remain in God and stay blessed in this week and beyond.

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Post- International Break

Hi guys, welcome back.

The International break has finally given way for League return, barely giving some Premier league clubs enough time for quick relief after ‘lightening’ struck at the 1:6 and 7:2 coordinates. The vibe would not be lost as the big teams who lost before the break will tend to avoid more tears while the others will want to avoid falling to the sword. Timo Werner is yet to score his first league goal for Chelsea, Ziyech is ready for debut , Partey wants to Parte, and United is set to lodge at Newcastle. It’s show time as Liverpool cooked draw with Everton!

Source: Premier league

Prior to the break, Chelsea went off impressive. But with Silva and Mendy ruled out, fears are that a lot might happen as Kepa looks set to a rewarding return back to ‘great’ goalkeeping and replicate the same feat where as got clean sheet and even denied Cristiano Ronaldo from scoring on International break. Hope he does not gift Southampton’s Ings a hatrick today.

Source: Bleacher Report Football

Arsenal will be hoping to wreck havoc on Manchester City especially with the absence of Kevin De bruyne. Sad to cut the excitement, but Arsenal has not walked out of Eithad through the winning door since January 2015,

Source: Facebook

City will also likely unveil the new defensive rock Dias while Aubameyang will be hoping to end his goal drought ( a time to sign da ting!).
Lately, A rejuvenated Manchester United side without Cavani, Martial and doubtful Maguire will be given a Royal welcome to NewCastle with a lot at stake inview of the Champions league opener. Will it be a Royal treat or treatment? as the Reds go marching on on on.

Looking like the perfect crackers after a long International break. Share your thoughts, as I really will love to read them

The Battle Against Procrastination

Hello everyone, I trust that you are all doing fine and that the month has steadfastly been bringing truckloads of blessings to us.

In our bid to get more productive this year and me making some soul-searching enquiries, I came up with the topic for today. If you would like to know more about productivity, please keep reading.

Productivity is defined as doing a task or tasks efficiently to achieve great end results. Being productive is not limited to the office or workplace, rather it involves every area of your life. This could mean engaging in physical activities to improve your health and physique, investing in and digesting new things to increase your knowledge and skill set or cutting down on some aspects of your personal life to create more time for other things. Productivity must always yield result. The level of result would be dependent on the level of input though.

One major factor that can affect one’s productivity rate negatively is Procrastination.
Procrastination is defined as the act or habit of putting off or delaying things that need to be done, especially something requiring immediate attention:

In trying to get more productive, it is important that you fight and overcome the problem of procrastination. From personal experience and reading, there are some key tips that has helped and is helping me in the journey of overcoming procrastination. I mean, for me, procrastination used to be sweet until it lands me in deep trouble, and oftentimes I would always say to myself, ” if I get out of this, I would ensure I never procrastinate”.. but guess who still procrastinates after the promises 😥.. Yes, me!
Most times, I give the excuse of “I like doing things at the last minute and under pressure, because it makes me stand on my toes and brings out the best in me”. But to be honest, this was a lie I literally made myself believe just so I could evade the problem that stared straight at me.

Here are few tips that I believe would help us in this journey.

P.S: It’s not magic, you would have to consciously put in the work till it becomes a habit otherwise, just a pause would plunge you back into the same hole you came out from.
It takes about 3 months and more of consistently doing something before it can be said to be a habit, so do the maths.

• Write things down!: It’s important to write things down, now I don’t mean a rough sheet of paper that can be easily discarded, rather, get a presentable and nice note or planner. For every task that comes to mind, notwithstanding how minute it is, write it down.

•Budgeting: For the completion of each job or task, give an approximated time for it’s completion. In the actual sense, you could spend more or less time in getting it done.

• Time your day: It is important to time your day, this way you don’t end up just going through the day like someone that is being tossed to and fro. Determine when exactly you want to get each task done, if it’s a daily, weekly or monthlong task, set it up to fit the plan. Ensure you include time to rest, as well as time to reply messages and mails. It is actually funny how, you go from randomly replying a message to surfing the net for more than 3 hours.

• Do less per time: Oftentimes, doing less is actually doing more. Multitasking won’t help all the time(that is if you believe there is anything like effective multitasking in the first place☹️). So rather than doing 5 things at once and not even doing any of them well, it is just better to take on one task per time and get it perfectly done, after which you move on to the next.

Source: WhatsApp( valid response on multitasking)

• Seek help!: Nobody ever died from asking for help. Where you have a lot on your plate to handle, it is perfectly okay to ask for help from a dear family member or friend, especially when you know that they are willing to help. I know you sometimes want to do things yourself because “nobody can get it done like you”, why not just put the other person through on how to get it done and trust that it would turn out well.. My friend keeps saying to me “Pearl, problems no dey finish, you need to learn to relax and calm down”. So these days, I just breathe and seek help where I genuinely need it.

• Learn to zone out: You must not be everywhere, everytime. Learn to take a break from social gatherings, online presence or whatever it is that’s making you push very important tasks aside. Train yourself to zone out of distractions around and get things done. You can’t be joining others to catch cruise at the expense of your lined up activities.

I trust that my tips have blessed you and that you have gained a thing or two. Which of them would you like to try out. Let me know in the comment section far below. I hope that you remain in God and stay blessed. Don’t forget 2020 is still the year.

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Champions League Draws: My Reaction

The UEFA Champions League Draws has sent many into frenzy accompanied with mixed reactions. Some Fans are complaining of a tagged Group of death draws, some are in a group that looks like an Europa League draw, some got the draws so easy as usual, while some are still waiting for another grouping as their club names weren’t even included. From the draws, Thursday cold night football keeps calling and it seems like getting a 3rd Spot would be a new Mission.

Source: UEFA

Theoretically, this latest draw has been met with predictions and taunts. Let’s find out where your team belongs. But before, we proceed, let me say hello first. How are you doing? The death draws kind of group has been invading my mind space though 😅😅😅

Group A: This was by popularity considered the most ‘dreaded’ group with Bayern Munich sitting on top and Atletico Madrid as favourite contenders (So nice Suarez is going to meet Bayern again thrice this year). I just feel for Lokomotiv Moskva.

Group C: Man city must agree they have always gotten the easy draws. The quest for the other qualifying slot would just make it very competitive.

Group D: Midtjylland will be wondering how they landed into this group. Atlanta, Ajax are much more above them even though Ajax might just have a slimmer chance as they have lost key stars this season. Liverpool will need to absorb the pressures.

Group E: Already dubbed the ‘Europa’ League group; Chelsea and Sevilla face new incoming teams in what literally looks like the easiest draws (probably the ‘benefit’ the last season’s 4th position brought). Hope they scale through.

Group G: Star game Barcelona vs Juventus; the clash of football’s G.O.A.Ts’ and the most anticipated game lies here. Permit me to shiver(may the best GOAT emerge, in this context, you know who that is, tell me). Nobody saw this coming so early as in the group stages. I fear Ferencvaros might just be the ‘scapegoat’ on their cup debut.

Group H:

Source: Facebook

So far United fans have been restless and at the end of several taunts in the Group of Death draws.To some it’s the end of the road, however Hargreaves had something to say to BT sports:
“I think they (United) can be confident, quietly confident,PSG are the strongest team in the group, but Man United are the second strongest team in the group…” Remember the last knockout?

Conclusively Atlanta, Young Boys, Lyon last seasons have all proven that in this League, no one is an ‘Underdog’; everyone has a fair chance. However,it’s still undeniable that somehow the Europa League still has open arms to receive more teams.

PS: If You still couldn’t find your team, check for the Europa league draws today (let me not call names).
Let me hear your thoughts. Who is going down to Europa as we await kickoffs? Talk to me dears.

Till I come your way again, remain in God and stay blessed

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October Came With Football Bants

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog. A lot has been happening in the football world and that’s why I’m here to share. But before we proceed, let me say happy new month, I pray that this month comes with a lot of blessings for you. The EFL cup seem to have progressed into the quarter finals with just few games left. The week has been exciting already. Lets walk through it.

“…We were the best team, we were magnificent. In the second half a super team like Chelsea looked very ordinary, and they are not. We played so, so well.” – Mourinho to Sky Sports

Tottenham walked past a super Chelsea team that looked ordinary to the next round of the EFL cup in a match which even had touchline exchange of words between both coaches. At first Chelsea seemed to have gotten ahead with an early first competitive Timo Werner goal.

Source: Getty Images

Only for Erik Lamela to draw the game into penalties (Ouch! The first time Werner scored for Chelsea in Pre season, it ended in a draw too)


Manchester city sent off Burnley despite the shocker they had at Eithad, while a Juan Mata captained Manchester United outclassed Brighton with the second 11.

From My Honest assertions all games were superb, all last week underperformed teams stepped up well. Chelsea stepped up from that weekend only for Mason Mount to send his penalty kick straight to the waiting arms of the empty stand. The debutant goalie Mendy really made brilliant saves especially stopping that Reguilon bound goal. He seems to have started blending earlier than expected and fans are excited they’ve found a better upgrade to the current goalie. However he needs to improve on his penalty saving skill as he never went the right way in the 5 penalty kicks he encountered in the match, considering that he will be facing a lot of them this season with the controversial new penalty prone rule and the eagle eye of VAR.

Tottenham signalled they were back for business as they impressed even without the likes of Son and new signing Bale. Debutant Reguilon came so close to scoring while providing the assist for the late goal.

City didn’t slack as Sterling and Ferran Torres made Burnley pay for the 5-2 Leceister discipline. United maintained superiority without penalties as Juan Mata even got his 50 United goal.

Source: Bleachers Report Football

The Week cup games won’t be complete as Arsenal meet Liverpool again. Will this be twice beaten? Or will Cup specialist Arsenal do their thing? Let Me know what you think I the comment section far below

Up Next: The UEFA Champions League draws. Which team gets Bayern Munich? I heard you say Chelsea. Well Till then Enjoy the read!

Remain in God and stay blessed.

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Back to Football

Hello, League Football is back again so am I. How did you enjoy the little football break on this blog? Now let me get you started on the matters! First of all it was Barcelona; 8-2 then to the little unrest around Messi which seem to have settled, now its Paris Saint Germain (PSG). Over the week they got beaten in the first two opening games, first by newly promoted side Lens and then to Marseille ( a match that produced over 11 yellow cards and 5 red cards); I am thus left to infer that It seems anything Bayern Munich touches does not end up the same way again (Remember Chelsea too had to go into massive recruits after meeting Bayern) well that’s not the focus anyways. The opening fixtures have all been exciting and I couldn’t help but notice certain changes and points which I want to share.

• Penalties: Liverpool, Leceister city, Chelsea all started the season with penalties and to me are likely to be contenders for the most penalties awarded to a club this season. 😂😂 (something a certain club got criticized massively for last season). Yes we understand this is usually associated with the rapid intensity of play, burst of energy and good attacking threat all in a bid to kick start a new season on an excellent note and win trophies. Well I hope Manchester United, Arsenal and Manchester City too get their own penalties, at least that would be fair enough.

• The Surprises:

Source: daily cannon

Arsenal came off the first game with a clean sheet and impressed everyone with Lacazette even setting a record as the first player to score first in two opening fixtures in the league (funny enough they didn’t even rely on penalties), they are also first on the table currently. What a Wow! Meanwhile newly promoted Leeds United almost rattled champions Liverpool to pull the biggest surprise setting up very clean goals against a team with somewort best defense last season. This is a warning to other big clubs and caution to Liverpool. We expect more to come.

• The Downfalls: Definitely Tottenham Hotspur didn’t do well with the Coach even expressing his displeasure over what was termed a ‘lazy’ approach (hoping they find a spur for the next games). Newly promoted sides Fulham and West Brom too didn’t have a nice outing. But this is just the 1(First) out of 38 let’s give them a fair chance.

Talking about the first games, Gabriel of Arsenal scored on his first game. Timo Werner and Kai Havertz of Chelsea got their Premier league debut yesterday but couldn’t find the back of the net. This is what Timo Werner had to say:

Source: Facebook

Welcome to the English Premier League!

• Up next : Chelsea vs Liverpool.

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2020: Still your year or not?

Hello, hi, hey. How are you doing? If this is your first visit to my blog, welcome, I celebrate you and I do hope that you’d enjoy my contents and keep coming back. If you’re a returning visitor, as in a family member here, I say welcome once again…LOL🤗. So today, away from our long football retreat, I would like to share with us something we’ve all had to discuss or admit to ourselves, or maybe we’ve not thought about it, I am here to help out.

So yes, when we started this year, everyone had high hopes, dreams, aspirations, precisely mapped out plans,with even the minute details carved out. Some of us knew the where, how,when and why of our plans for year 2020. Then suddenly corona virus happened, escalated, caused a hold up of things. I mean, it had so much effect that schools were shut down, movement was ceased, and depending on your state of residence, if it was like mine, then it was a total lockdown. For some workers, depending on the deal,they still earned salaries during the period, for some, there was no pay forthcoming.

For some students, they were on hold, while for some who were already having their progress rudely scattered by incessant strikes, this pandemic was like the devil saying “I’m not done with you yet”. I know because I can relate. Should i now talk about the ones who can’t tell if they’re graduates because they can’t even be cleared yet,and if they are, what’s the way forward with NYSC, may we not serve this country in vain indeed. How about those that completed NYSC and don’t have things going for them, and then boom, they have to stay indoor,and hope not to die or lose their sanity. During this same time, electricity became a nightmare. I mean it was bad enough already, but no light?. How about I talk about lives lost these past months, close friends? family? acquaintances?. I mean you just realise life is fickle and before you can spell fickle, another bad news comes up. But then, in all of these, it’s quite hilarious that time didn’t pause; the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months still strolled past like we didn’t matter.

Some persons enjoyed the break though, it was their chance at being with family, at resting, taking a break, thinking, restrategizing, and making decisions, chance at making that relationship work or cutting off if need be. Many made crazy money this period, many gave birth,many stayed alone because they live alone, couldn’t travel to meet family, don’t have a family or are single😢😢. So what table are you on?.

2020 would still be on the calendar. One year was added/ would be added to your age this 2020! Time won’t say, “I feel your pain and would let you do me again”, there’s no resit here honey. So I came to ask, is 2020 still your year or you would rather wait for a pro version? If it’s your year and you know that nothing determines your achievements like you,then come with me. These 4months left, I want you to know that it’s enough to achieve beyond all reasonable doubts all you could have spent your whole year achieving. Whatever you did during the lockdown or didn’t do is on you. Your rested, lived, loved, progressed? The sweet thing is you aren’t knocked down.

Join me in taking few minutes to count out or ruminate over the good things you had during the lockdown. Stop that thought of the downsides were more and focus on the upsides,even if it’s just one.,you can share with me in the comment section if you want. I for instance,started my blog and YouTube channel during the lockdown, trust me there were plenty downsides,but, we move!

Source: Pearlsconnect

Now,what are the things that you wanted to achieve this year? Are they things you can achieve yourself? How important are they to your life and destiny? Can they still be done this year? If they can, let’s get them done. If they can’t,still start working on them, you’d be surprised at the speed you’d get and even if it’s not a done deal, you won’t be entering 2021 the same way.

I also came here to give a subtle reminder that you should live, laugh and love. Live life like you’ve been given the power to determine how each day goes. Laugh like you don’t even know what crying means. Love like it’s the only thing you know how to do.

In your quest towards achieving a lot, let these 3L’s somehow be in the equation. Yes, you that’s been doubting if truly you’re loved. Yes, you that has noticed people know they need you when you’re around, and when you aren’t, they forget you exist. I’m sorry you feel that way and I probably would write about this soon, but trust me, you matter, you just don’t know it enough. This is me sending you hugs, love and prayers from here. If you’d like us to talk, send a mail to and I would reach out.

Live, laugh and love whilst having a fruitful and productive week. Like, share, follow and comment as well. Remain in God and stay blessed.

Transfer or not

Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. Today, I have some gist I would like to run by you all.. you know how we do it nahhh, keep reading.

Its no longer news that Lionel Messi, 6 times Ballon D’Or winner and one of Football’s greatest has handed over a request to Barcelona for an exit after that humiliating defeat; though not the first time but this time it’s a bit controversial. Certainly key players have used this strategy before to pull traffic and social engagement or to agitate for something; either to hasten the board to sign players, improve contract bonuses, increase a wage bill or oust a coach, which in most cases have proven very effective. This time, there is a huge price at stake to pay. I’ll let you into the gist in case you don’t know.
Messi has a release clause of about £622m; earning an annual wage of roughly £100m (that’s like a whole wage bill of some clubs and 1/3 of many); any team that pulls such transfer without adequate preparations would definitely have the UEFA Financial Fair Play Sledgehammer ready to fall, that’s if they avoid bankruptcy and considering the fact they can have him for free after 1 year.
Asides the monetary hurdle, it seems Messi wants to force out his way for FREE (a controversial legal dispute which I won’t want to bore you with). If he pulls through without sorting it out, there is a clear danger awaiting him and the intending club. According to a leading lawyer Nick De Marco QC, not only is he liable to pay damages and be banned by FIFA for some months, the intending club will be placed on transfer embargo (Certainly a situation where free things dey Purge. Lol).
Notwithstanding, I know many clubs will be willing to stake their heads for this (after all good things don’t usually come easy), and probably one might be his destination:
• Arsenal:

Source: Facebook

Considering his Age, the FREE nature of his intending push, and pedigree, Arsenal has been taunted to have braced up a move for Messi considering the fact it also rhymes with the team’s transfer ideology. Imagine Messi, Aubameyang and Pepe (the world can’t handle it).

• Manchester City: Messi has always admired Pep Guardiola ( a coach with whom he has won more trophies in his entire career), at times expressing the probability of a reunion. The team has won lots of trophies and have most of England’s stars. However, Man city just escaped UEFA punishment lately by the whiskers, another attempt would be likened to shaking a table resting on one leg.

• Manchester United: These are the Big boys; they have what it takes monetarily and have/had the world’s greatest players like Beckham, Cantona, C.Ronaldo, Rooney, De Gea in their team. They might just sign Sancho and all they need then make Messi the last signing and maybe wait for the transfer ban (just thinking afterall Chelsea survived a transfer ban and finished 4th).

• PSG: Currently holding the World’s most expensive transfer record for Neymar. Messi would love a reunion with His Friend

Source: Bleacher report football

, play alongside Mbappe and help PSG win their first Champions League before Ronaldo does for Juventus(that’s a personal trophy on its own).

• Old Boys: He could still end up with his boyhood clubs, fulfill his dream and then Retire.

Source: Bleacher report football

•Messi won’t want to obviously retire now nor leave Barcelona, this way not at least without a grand farewell. This might just be a “power play” as I feel He is not leaving anytime soon. What’s your take? Leave a Comment.

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Treble or Terrible?

What a way to end the football night and the football season; a treble for Bayern Munich and terrible end for PSG who ended the night in tears.

Source: Bleachers report football

A very sad outing for them, the party kept calling but they failed to turn up and utilize the chances they created. I know they must have come with Champion jerseys and speakers for celebration which they didn’t use, on the bright side they would be grateful for the scoreline remaining the way it was (Considering how Bayern took some clubs to the cleaners). Bayern Munich indeed has been the perfect side, right from the goal keeping department to the striking. Very spectacular has been the Goal Machine, Lewandoski, who has been in his best form scoring 55 goals alone this season (1 goal shy of the total goals Arsenal scored in the whole 2019 premier league season) duly deserving the Ballon D’or award, had it been awarded (there is a speculation that petitions are being signed to revert the decision to cancel this year’s award according to Bleacher report football).

Alphonso Davies has also impressed (he is just 19) and will surely attract attentions this transfer season ,while Kingsley Coman has inked his name on the few list of Men of Steel who scored the winning goal to secure a treble. Now there is a sweet twist; Reports also have it that Barcelona will still pay Liverpool a sum of money since Coutinho has won the Champions as this was captured in his release contract (even after he added goals which sent them off. Lol). With this feat, rivalry has been rekindled as all of Europe will come for them next, especially some clubs I won’t mention who would want vengeance. I will leave you with pictures as I Congratulate the Kings of Europe Bayern Munich.

Source: Bleacher Report Football
Source: Bleacher Report Football
Source: Bleacher Report Football

Share your thoughts dears. Who would miss the champions league?

Whilst, sharing your thoughts,I want you to remain in God and stay blessed. As always, live, laugh and love🤲💖

Weekend Football Banter With Pearl

Hi guys, welcome back!…It has been such a long time away. Let’s dig right into what i have for you.

Man city’s shocking exit to Lyon, Barcelona’s biggest defeat in close to 80years, which I 8-2 remember and PSG securing their first Champions’ league final made the week a controversial one. Personally I successfully predicted the semi finals of the champions league despite all the quarter final surprises. However, I still 1-2 know why Manchester United lost to Sevilla last week despite recording 20 shots and scoring first? Well, what can I say, that’s the past now as this week brings to an end both European Competitions: The Finals!


La liga’s 4th placed Sevilla will square against Serie A’s 2nd placed InterMilan who look more like “visitors” to a nicknamed “Sevilla cup” just as the F.A cup is nicknamed the “Arsenal cup”. Most fans would have loved it to be sort of a “Reunion party” where Manchester United would have played Inter instead, but however experience gave Sevilla the edge. While Inter Milan has definitely got the big boys; likes of Martinez, Lukaku,

Source: YouTube

Eriksen, Sanchez and the confidence having beaten Shakhtar 5:0 in the semi’s (typical Bayern stuff), Sevilla has got Ocampus( the guy who punishes defensive errors), creative assist maker, Jesus Navas and a remarkable goalkeeper.
This will definitely be another Spoiler edition and could just be added to the unending list of this season’s surprises.

May the most Tactical Win.

Source: Tricity news

The Energy Gdansk stadium; the beautiful stadium hosting this glorious event (sadly without the noisy cheers of Fans)

PS: The 2020/2021 Premier League Fixtures has just been released and Arsenal will be playing first (you know what that means). Let me reserve the fun for next time. What are your thoughts, who would you pick as your winner.

Consider this my happy weekend dose. Do well to comment, share and subscribe. More contents coming, and as usual remain in God and stay blessed.

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I love you all.