Shopping Tips __ Things to note before making that purchase

Who doesn’t love to shop?? Especially when the items involved will bring so much joy to you and make life easier for you 😍😍. In order to shop effectively and get the most out of your money, there are tips you have to note carefully. Please keep reading..

• Why are you really buying that item?: If you are a spontaneous spender, then you have to allow items two to 7 days before making your decision to buy. If after days, you still feel very much in need of it, then you can go ahead and buy, this is to avoid spontaneously buying something and then realizing you don’t really need or love it.

• What are people saying about that particular product, brand and vendor? It’s important to read or hear people’s ratings and reviews. From a number of 10 reviews, you’ll get an average of the truth or close to the truth testimonial and thence, make your decision.

• Ensure whatever it is you are about to buy will be used by you more than once. If it’s something you need just once in a lifetime you can decide to rent or borrow, well, except you have the money and don’t mind dashing it out, then by all means…buy it.

• Get fair deals: Ask around for the price of that one thing you need to buy. Your first price isn’t always the best deal, ask and seek information about it before settling on a particular vendor. Think through every promo offers before you go for it. That an item is “buy 3, get one perfume free” doesn’t mean the selling price is favourable for you! you must remember that the producers cannot be at a loss, they certainly have something to gain, so if you don’t have something to gain too, no matter how appetizing the offer looks, you need to let it go.

• Nothing wrong with online purchasing: Sometimes, you don’t really have to spend transportation cost all the way to the market just to buy one item. If you can, just research online, check through websites and make your purchase once and for all.

• Ask about refund/ return policies. If an item isn’t what you wanted, can you be refunded? If it’s not your exact size, can it be exchanged? Inquiries need to be made, especially for products that are expensive.

• Read sale ads+ instructions very carefully: I can’t overemphasize the benefits of paying attention to details. Check if there’s a warranty period on the item you’re purchasing. Check the specifications over and over, ensure that everything is perfect on your end.

• Avoid being pennywise and pound foolish: What I’m basically saying here is, for anything that you use on a consistent basis, buy in bulk rather than in small quantities and small rates, became in the long run your calculations will show that buying the small quantities over a period of time is costing more than buying in bulk at once.

• Even as I close the curtains here today, it’s sweet to receive gifts, but sometimes you need to just sort out or pay for things yourself. There is satisfaction from knowing that you got what you wanted by yourself. In next week’s edition, I will continue on our shopping lessons and what to do as you make your order and after.

What did you think about these tips? Like, comment, share and subscribe. Until I come your way next time, remain in God and stay blessed.

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Coming 2 America

Hi🤭🤭🤭, welcome back to my blog. It’s a new week already 🙈🙈🙈. On today’s dose, I am doing a review of Coming 2 America, the sequel that was released on the 4th of March, 2021. The first one was released in 1988, when this sequel came up, I was skeptical about watching it, because I mean not every movie needs a sequel, except you indeed have a fully planned out follow-up story, with amazing production that will be more thrilling and amazing to watch. There is no point doing a sequel that will fall below the standards of the first one or make the avid lovers of the first one regret watching the new one.

Because I was skeptical, I took to my WhatsApp status to ask those who had watched, if it was a nice one for them and I got few responses which I will very much like to share here.

Respondent 1
Respondent 2
Respondent 3
Respondent 4
Respondent 5

After the various reviews I got, I went ahead to watch it and to be honest, it was quite cool, more like a 30th year reunion which was okay to attend, but wouldn’t have been really necessary to attend. More like I don’t look forward to another reunion, even though this one was cool…that’s how I felt about it.

I also feel like, the first one will always be better loved and this sequel would have to be in the shadow of the previous one’s glory.

I wouldn’t lie, the costuming was really an amazing one, an award is well deserved for that.

But with the Nexdorian soldiers, and scenes that involved General Izzy’s son, I couldn’t help but feel these scenes were overstretched making it lose the funny vibe.
No doubt, it was a comic movie than it was intellectual. But General Izzy’s son though… I feel it was overstretched.

Wait.. the funeral for the king held while he was alive? really.. it felt so unrelatable. The cultural dances in the movie though, sort of reminded me of the different ethnic groups in Nigeria, I found this intriguing. Did the king really say “I’m going to die now” and his head bent forward.. feels like sth I see in Nigerian old school movies. Overall, I felt the acting was rather strained or forced, especially with king akeem.. but there’s no denying that I loved the twist on story, how the first daughter ended up as King was sweet.
I wasn’t done with Bopoto’s crown and appearance when I she said she will just be a wife? she kept saying whatever the prince wants is what she wants…that tore me🥺🥺🥺

she stood for an hour? what?… I’m happy the prince didn’t end up with her, please.

Basically, I watched this movie with a plain mind as possible. It was funny, and nice to be honest. I will rate it a 6 out of 10, to be honest.

If you haven’t watched it, you should. If you have, what are your thoughts about it. Please like, comment, share and subscribe. I pray that you remain in God and stay blessed this week and beyond.

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Shopping 101

Hi guys, it’s still safe to say happy new month right?🤪🤪

I was going through my gallery today, and I realized that most of my wears are either materials I bought and gave someone to make into a style in my head or stuff I randomly order based on review and the plans I have for it.

Oftentimes, when I have to go to the market to buy ready-made wears, it’s either I don’t find my kind of style, or something is off about whatever I end up liking, or it’s not my size. The struggles!!!🥺🥺🥺

In recent times, I have done a good job getting great wears, at affordable deals without having to go to the market.

Every Wednesday through this month, I will take you on a journey of buying. This will entail how to get the right vendors, what qualities to look out for and your manner of approach. In addition to that, I will fill you in on tips to note while making an online purchase from any of the online platforms available, I will share my experiences and probably showcase some of the items I’ve bought and give my candid reviews while sharing the exact link through which you can get it. Like we all know, different vendors exist on these online platforms and sell the same things. You must note that the price varies with vendors.

It is important that you note the reviews, ratings, prices, locations, delivery options and delivery duration.

I will explain more through the month. You must anticipate!!🤪🤪

Dec:31st___ Crossover service

P.S: I got this amazing jacket in December, and trust me when I say it’s so lovely.. It gives an extra spice of beauty and elegance to whatever I wear with it per time.I have rocked it in different ways, and I love it every single time.

You can never go wrong with a turtle necked top and palazzo📌

Here is a link for the black one, I know you love it:

Waterfall Trendy Jacket😍😍😍

The red one:…red-63510637.html%3Futm_medium%3Dsocial%26utm_campaign%3Dpdpshare-apps&utm_campaign=d6ca970d-fabf-4f98-9d7c-ceca2d402c0b&utm_term=royalty&s1=royalty

The blue:

Have you ordered stuff online before? Share your experience with me dears.

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Dating 101_ Tips to having an Amazing First Date🤩

Hello dear, it has been a long time since you heard from me. Well, I am learning this balanced life, because adulting isn’t easy one bit 🥺🥺. But I miss you, alongside your comments.

It’s the weekend and I have put together this amazing content for you, yes you. You do have plans for the weekend, after such a long week, don’t you? You are probably going out with family, friends or most probably a first date with that guy or lady🙈🙈.

My typical week: full of sending regards, editing, typing and staring at the screen 😭😭😭😭

Important to note is that, a date is an outing with a lover, a potential lover or a person you just met. A date amongst many other definitions, could also be a prearranged business meeting. A date can also be one’s companion for social functions or occasions, this doesn’t mean you both are in a relationship.

My focus today is your first date with someone and all that you need to know. I am one person that prefers to be in the circle of people I know already. I’d rather stay home all day than go for functions, I’d rather order a take home meal than eat out in a restaurant. But this year, I’ve had to eat out, make conscious efforts at friendships and this involved having to go on dates/hangouts with ladies and guys as well. From reading and from personal experience, there are some specifics about first dates that this post is going to address. Stay with me💕

Source: The Washington Post

• Do something different:- As the one planning the date, you really must not do restaurants, though food is important 🤪🤪, think fun as well, think about places that can be visited, a museum? A garden? Recreational sites? parks? Karaoke? Note that you don’t have to be too formal or nervous. You can have a picnic format in fact, enjoying nature, eating and having fun with your date.

Source: Pinterest

• Factor in your partner:- So while you’re getting all excited about how the date is going to go, ensure to factor in your date’s preferences. You want the other person comfortable around you, just as you are around him/her.

• Who pays?:- To be honest, we shouldn’t drag this subject matter for too long. Whoever initiated the date should pay. So, for you to have initiated going on a date with the other person, you certainly have plans to take care of the other person and will do anything to ensure you both relax and have a wonderful time, while within your budget. So if the guy initiated the date, it’s totally okay for him to pay, don’t sweat over this, just have a good time. As a lady, you can decide to split the bill with the guy or take care of the bill on another date. Don’t stress over this. As one who is being taken out on a date, do well to carry extra cash notwithstanding, just in case something truly comes up with the other person, after all you both had the good time, and I expect that he/she has the decency to refund later.

• Dress comfortably:- Depending on the location and the atmosphere it entails, dress accordingly. Whatever you wear, ensure you’re comfortable in it and that you look good. Looking good is good business. It’s important to look good, smell good, feel good. I really know some persons would rather wear slippers and have corn rows on their head. That you’re told to come as you are or because you should be loved for who you are doesn’t mean you should not make an effort to look presentable.😐

• Set your mind:- As you go on a date, probably after a busy day at work. Try to discard every lingering thoughts or work related stress. Drop it before proceeding on your date, the goal is to have a great time, not to grace the atmosphere with a bad vibe. Consciously set your mind to relax. If you really are troubled or upset, then consider rescheduling, because trust me, when your mind is not in a place, many things will go wrong, and we don’t want that on a first date.

• Timing:- I just cringed, because whatttt.. some people are chronic latecomers. They will be late to their weddings in fact. It is important to work on that aspect of your life, you do not want a meeting starting off on a wrong note just because you came late.

• Light up the conversation: That you’re an introvert doesn’t mean you are mute. Listen to the other person talk, ask your questions, talk about yourself, as a lady, tease him if need be. Please, remember to keep your phone away, it’s unfair to be on your phone even while eating or while the other person talks. If you wanted to be on your phone, you could have stayed at home. In making conversations, do not say more than what’s necessary. It’s a first date, which may or may not lead to follow up dates. Do not sit, downloading all your life details, rather stay on topics that bonds you two. Talk about movies, songs, beliefs, philosophies, fun stuff, etc. Whatever you do please don’t be boring.

Source: Shutterstock

• Be self-confident:- For a long time, I never liked eating out because I spent so much time on my meal (I still do) and was always conscious about how I was eating and if people were staring at me. But I had to consciously let go of the worries. Dating is work, but it helps ease things when you’re comfortable with who you are with. Know yourself, accept yourself even while working on being better and be confident in your own skin! This will help you enjoy your moments rather than continuously thinking what the other person thinks of you.

• Informational skills:- As you chat, and talk about yourself, ensure not to talk badly about any of your family members and friends. Do not talk poorly of anyone, do not make your ex the centre of the conversation, do not tell offensive jokes. In all your communications, be respectable.

• Body language:- Please dear
keep your hands to yourself!, that you are both having a good time doesn’t mean you touching the other person would make him/her know you are into his/her person. It just might give the impression that you are a chronic flirt and might result in a reaction you don’t like. Stop it

• Make your partner comfortable:- Ensure that you watch your partner’s gestures or body language. For instance, observe when it looks like the cold is getting to her, or when it feels like he is getting tired or done, you aren’t supposed to sleep there, are you?.

• Post-date:- If you leave together, and have to drop the other person. Drop him/her off and leave, don’t wait to be invited into the house. If you leave separately, ensure to find out if the other person got home safely. Rememeber to let the other person know that you had a great time and really appreciate the moment. Well, if you took pictures together, you may or may not post them just yet. You should consider if the other person is someone opened to social media flaunting.

I hope that with the tips aforementioned that I have helped you learn better, and that you will focus on having a great time the next time you go on a date.

If you pay attention, there is always something to live for, laugh about and love. So release yourself, unburden your chest and enjoy the warmth and love being shown you. Be the reason someone has a great weekend this time around.

What’s your take on this, do you have more tips? Share with me dear. Also, share this with anyone you think needs it. I love you and pray that you remain in God and stay blessed.💕🥰😍😍😏🤩😘

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The lamp in Lampard is out, as Stamford Bridge remains in darkness as Peter Drury would say. A heavy day for Chelsea faithfuls who will only have to wipe off the tears with Mendy’s big towel in consolation that afterall there are still over 17 matches to decide who plays in the championship next season.

Welcome once again it’s blog o’ clock and we talk Sports today amidst the banter. Who else has noticed Liverpool hasn’t scored a league goal this year?

• Top Spot: I would say the battle for the top spot has gotten more interesting with almost 5 teams having a taste of what it seems like to perch at the top while the defending champions struggle to defend the title. At some point, some stayed for a week or more, while some lasted only 24 hours before eviction with the weird similarity being that teams that once tasted this echelon have all dropped below the top 4 (except for a dogged few). A major factor now will rely on team tactics and other team inconsistencies rather than on big spendings. It’s not just in the Premier league that the defending champions isn’t currently topping their league.

Source: Liverpool FC

• Wave of Form: The fluid state of team and individual form has drawn attention. Who imagined Manchester United from bottom position to the top spot, Chelsea and Arsenal from the top gradually towards the other half of the table where solid minerals are located (although one has began the climb). Talking about individual form, the best of Martial, Firminho, Ziyech, Kai and Werner (until they stop scoring only against league 1 teams) to be blunt are yet to be seen.

• F.A cup: It’s mixed feelings this time as the cup action returns this weekend. On one side, it’s rivalry rekindled, while on the other, it’s another good time and the time to advance.

Source: Skysports

Nevertheless, it’s the beauty of the game when you challenge for a trophy and win.
We all know Lampard is currently battling the tasking project to overturn strings of defeats and poor team play as soon as possible. Should he be sent away or given more time /new long contract (at least to win the champions league if not championship)

Share your thoughts with me dears

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Remain in God and stay blessed

Kick Off

Good even-ings to Liverpool faithfuls, It’s 2 days after the 3rd of January (1-3) of the new year. The new year football week bring back nightmares for some teams across the Premier league; nevertheless, the expectations and hope it brings appear far more greater. It’s blog o’clock, with the table just in shape

Source: Premier League

We get to compare the new year a bit with last year despite this season having game deficit compared to the last year at this time.

Liverpool: Sitting first position jointed with Manchester United at points is Liverpool. This time last year they were 13 points (social distance) past the second placed Leicester city. However, with several key defenders recuperating from injury and the unexpected twist of events where they’ve failed to beat ‘low’ placed teams this season, the upset is about to begin for the top 4 lurkers. It won’t be parte after all

Source: Bleacher report football

Arsenal: It’s almost becoming a norm to be at mid table, at position 10 a year ago they now rest 11th after picking up form and lots of patience with their manager. (Snows are not even excuses)

Source: Bleacher report football

Wow If they continue this new way, they’ll miss the apparent looming chance to get a major English trophy since 2004 (the Championship).😁 Few free players in the transfer window and they’ll challenge for something.

Manchester city: Currently 5th against 3rd place January 2020, they seem to have been really hit and unsteady. Few seasons they’ve shown that whenever they leapfrog into the top 4, its difficult to plug off the switch (an opportunity Liverpool just gave them). Quite similar to Arsenal, they’ve picked up form with Chelsea too (a little hope for Sheffield) in a match player literally with the absence of a true striker.

Source: Bleacher report football

Manchester United: At 2nd place compared to 5th last year, it’s a season of progress quite commendable as they hope to launch a comfortable attack into the top and past the semi’s of the carabao cup. And yes, Bruno is the first player to score a penalty this year in the premier league

Source: Bleacher report football

In addition, they’ve also walked past the challenging ‘Underdogs’ the other big 4 teams struggled with. With the transfer window open, they must further fortify the team.

Chelsea: They say when you want to pick form just play Chelsea. Currently 9th compared to 4th at the beginning of last year, they appear to be struggling (even with the corner post) and gradually moving towards the bottom as things appear not to be working.

Source: Skysports

And coincidentally this form started after Klopp called them title contenders in a press conference. Well just like Manchester united and Arsenal have kept faith with their coaches in the struggling moment, I think the same should be done to Lampard. At least he should be rewarded with 5 years contract and more $300 million financial support.

Source: 90 min

There is still a lot to play for.

Leave a comment. Till then Good 9th!


Premier league football winds down for the year 2020 and in the spirit of sharing, we intend to share the banter, review and of course, pains as we ended a successful year heavily impacted by the pandemic. It’s Kick off time already.

Transfers: A new season began with the opening of the transfer window. It was on low as Club funds were hit by the effects of the pandemic, others did business as usual. Chelsea made ‘breathtaking’ signings only to complain of forgetting Adaptors and Stabilizers. Arsenal on the other hand bought ‘quality’ players to competitively challenge for relegation leaving speculations that proper scouting was absent. However, Time flies as the January window opens today, hopefully the market will be busy again.

45′ (Half Time)
Top Scorers: As it stands after 3 months, M. Salah tops at 13, Midfielder Bruno Fernandes at 10 (Werner + Ziyech+ Pulisic+ Harvetz has 7 )

Source: Bleacher report football

Aubameyang sits at 3 (roughly 1 per month), Kelvin De Bruyne ties with McTominay at 2 goals (scored in 3 mins) while Martial, Kai Harvetz, Mason Mount endures a hard start as the year ends with 1 goal a piece in the league.

Boxing Day: known for the time to exchange gifts; it certainly looked like an exchange of draw boxes except for Chelsea who first received seasons greetings from out of form Arsenal and in appreciation a brand new painter brush for the Draws against Aston villa on final match day of the year. And Mendy says its a good way! Yes we agree.

Source: Chelsea fc

The Standings: With less than 100million each spent this season, Liverpool, Manchester United, Leceister, Everton sit Top 4.

Source: Facebook

One time Top Chelsea sits 6th (probably 8th had Everton’s last match not been cancelled) while after a lot of digging through stones and mud to the bottom of the table we find Arsenal at 13th.

90′ + 3 (Injury time)
After 11 and 13 matches, Werner and Harvtez are yet to score a goal. Were they bought to celebrate Players who score or played out of position maybe as Goal keepers?

Source: Bleacher Report football

We’d talk about goal keepers soonest.

It’s Full Time!
To give chance for the teams to brace up for this new year.

Next fixture: Chelsea vs Manchester city.
Happy New Year, I appreciate you all. What are your expectations, leave a comment, and let’s talk about it

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I have new videos that you should watch🤗🤗

Here, I show how you can do a soft copy version of a vision board…Where you get to do a pictorial representation of how you want 2021 to be like.
I actually do prefer a soft copy cos I can use it on my system and phone and go with it everywhere😍😍😍😍😍 …What are the essentials for your 2021. Watch this video to hear what I had to say about mine, I also explained how I plan on relating in 2021. Here, I talked about my favorite of everything last year, including series, movies, places, etc

You should watch and comment yours as well. Remain in God and stay blessed🥳🥳

Giftspirations: A Guide Towards Buying That Perfect Gift

Hi family members…. It’s never too late to say Merry Christmas right🥺🥺🥺. I’m still collecting Christmas gifts by the way🤸🤸🤸.

Speaking of Christmas, today’s topic was motivated by something I had to do in Church, calm down I am about to explain.

We had exchange of gifts in Church..and I had to get a guy a gift!!!!. Now, that is not the problem because one of my top love languages is “Giving of gifts”, now the thought of me in one’s heart, the person giving the gift, the strategic planning of the gift, the thoughtfulness of the gift given, especially when it’s something I’ve been aiming at getting for myself and trust me, plus the quality; all of these together sweeps me off my feet per time. I love to buy good things for myself. So whether it is something I could have afforded for myself or not, the thought that someone else got it for me humbles me everytime. I always say that I’m a good and thoughtful gift giver. Alas, as I picked a guy’s name and had to bring out the creativity in me, I realised I had more ideas of a female’s gift than that of a male.🙈🙈.

I knew I had to give this guy an amazing gift, something that if I was given I’d appreciate and be glad to use, I knew I had a budget (which by the way I had to triple at the end of the day) and I knew other things in this process of getting the gift.

Basically, I would like to share tips that came in handy for me in this Christmas gift acquisition. They might come in handy when you have to get a birthday, new year or valentine gift for a friend or in my case, someone you aren’t too close to. Please, keep reading 🚶🚶

• Focus: Do you really want to give this person a good gift?, do you want to put in your best into figuring it out or would you rather convert it to solid cash? I, for one would most likely prefer cash to a gift I won’t use. I would rather aim the cash gift at buying lasting things , because again, whether I like my gift or not, I don’t  patronise the idea of gifting someone else my gift. So in getting someone a gift, you have to determine that you’d want to get him/her something that’d be liked.

• Occasion: Why are you gifting the person? The class of gifts you’d give your spouse on her birthday might be different from random daily gifts. So also, anniversary gifts would be different from a gift for someone whose name you picked in an “exchange of gift setting” at work or church

• Budget: Be calm first. Sometimes, I get so analytical when I have to get my dad a gift, this is because this amazing man uses the best of things and with that comes paying the price😒, so I get nervous because I don’t want to get him less standards of what he’d ordinarily get for himself. But in dealing with this issue, I had to agree that yes, I really want to gift this person, yes I have a limited budget. But, I would get super creative such that it would be the gift that matters and not the amount spent on getting it. So before even entering the market, determine how much you’re willing to get to, based on the end result, you might spend more or less but just note you aren’t supposed to break a bank.

• Age/class: In figuring out gifts to get, consider the person’s age. You most likely won’t get your grandmother heels  as a gift, right? Also consider the class. Some gifts would be more appreciated by a working class lady than a student.

• Bring out the Creativity spark: This creativity is such a wide area of discourse. Hopefully the creativity in you would go beyond what I’m stating here. So, are you getting the person lunch, think about his/her favorite restaurant or meal. If you’re planning to get clothes, does she like jumpsuits or long dresses, does he like tuxedos or he’d rather do polos and Jean? what’s their size, how about shoes? sandals? slip-ons, sneakers? a pair of earrings, necklace or wristwatch if she does well with accessories, his favorite perfume, spray or roll-on would go a long way, has there been something he or she has been wanting? Get creative in finding out answers to these questions, if the gift has to be a surprise, engage the help of someone close to the recipient. Is he an art lover? Get him some paintings, is she a picture person, get her a framed portrait of herself or a drawing.


• Relationship: The relationship you have with the person you’re gifting would determine how intimate or personal your gift should get. So if you are colleagues at work or have a formal relationship, books, gadgets, flowers is preferable, funds transfer speaks well in fact🤭. If you’re family or very close circled friends then you can get more personal gifts.

• Quality over Quantity: To be honest, this is very important. You don’t want to gift someone two wristwatches that would fade in a month, so if it means getting one item that will last long and be well appreciated, by all means do that.

• Packaging and Presenting: No matter how amazing and beautiful your gift is, your job is not well-done until you do a proper finishing and packaging. If it has to be wrapped, wrap it. We know you did a lot in getting this gift, it is also important to present in a way that every detail is treasured and remembered. Still under packaging, never forget to remove the price tag from the gift. Attach a note to the gift. Accompany the gift with a little surprise depending on how close the recipient is to you, you can decide to do a little bit of pranking or hide and seek before he/she finds the gift, add a little bit of mystery to the presentation. Leave them awed!!!

• Note that people are different. So do not get overly excited as to how the recipient would react when you present the gift. As long as they show that the gift is appreciated, that’s fine. This is because, some persons like me sometimes don’t do well with surprises and sometimes we do well with it. So you might expect that he’s going to cry and scream, but then you get shocked. Sometimes too, the recipient might get so overwhelmed and show it expressly. Whether the person jumps+cries or not, the smiles and thank yous have said it all.

I trust that you have learned a thing or two. You have more ideas on what to consider while getting a gift, please add them in the comment section far below. You have questions for me or need my help, hit the comment section or send a DM via Instagram/Twitter.

I pray that you remain in God and stay blessed this week and beyond. 2021 promises to be a great one for us….🌞🌞

I shared my 2020 lessons on my YouTube platform, one important one is remembering to live, laugh and love. Life in itself is fickle and a bundle of stress, do not make it worse by not laughing and loving. Click the link to watch it

Pearl Joshua

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